The Best Goldfish Tank Reviews (2018) | 5 Excellent Selection

Goldfish tank is a beauty; a decoration of your living space. Children also love charming fish. It also can reduce your stress after a hard workout day. Having a beautiful goldfish tank can increase your living room decoration more attractive. A goldfish tank with light is too much amazing at night. Kids also love goldfish very much. The filter and the built in heater keep the environment of the tank well and help to keep your goldfish healthy and ensure a longer life.

If you like pet goldfish and own them and are looking for a best goldfish tank for your home, then you are going to be helped. Though, finding a best goldfish tank is a little bit hard task as there are various models available on the market with various features. But we’re here to help you. We’ve reviewed here top 5 goldfish tanks. We also included a short buying guide so that you can easily find the perfect one according to your choice.



Shipping Weight



Coralife Fish Tank LED BioCube Aquarium

56 pounds

20.2 x 21.9 x 21.5 inches

Tetra 20 Gallon Aquarium Kit

34.4 pounds

27.9 x 16.1 x 20.4 inches

Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank

35 pounds

27.2 x 12.5 x 21 inches

Marineland Contour Glass Aquarium Kit

12.5 pounds 

12 x 12 x 12.5 inches

Penn Plax Vertex Aquarium Kit

8.6 pounds

8.4 x 9.8 x 10 inches

Top 5 Goldfish Tank Reviews

[1] Coralife Fish Tank LED BioCube Aquarium:

The Corafish LED Aquarium is one of the modern and beautiful goldfish tanks nowadays. The Beautiful LED light has made this tank more attractive. Let’s know more about this awesome goldfish tank-

Vibrant LED Light:

The most amazing feature of this tank is the vibrant LED lighting system. The lighting system is too much beautiful that it can change the whole room decoration to a new era at night. The lighting system is unique and it makes the tank popular to the people. The sleek hood of the tank is too awesome.


The tank is also compact in size. The dimension of this tank is 20.2 inches by 21.9 inches by 21.5 inches and a perfect shaped. So this compact goldfish tank is simply awesome in size. People usually like this shaped. This is a common shaped tank but the great engineering has made this tank great.

Natural Day Cycle:

Well, one of the great features of this tank is natural day cycle system. So, you can set the time for the first time and it will run through the cycle. The automatic 60 minutes of moonrise-moonset & 30 minutes of sunrise-sunset function is too good to keep the tank more attractive. Additionally, this tank is compatible with all your existing BioCube accessories.


This tank has a quiet submersible pump for running. So, this tank is able to work in silence and doesn’t make noise. People usually don’t like noise at all. In this type of situation, this tank can be your perfect solution. This tank also offers you an easy operation and easy maintenance. So you can easily use this and you will find this tank user friendly.

Weak Side:

 Actually, we didn’t find any major weak side about this goldfish tank. Basically, it is a great goldfish tank.


  • Beautiful LED light;
  • Built in Customizable filter;
  • Compact & easy to use;
  • Quiet submersible pump;
  • Compatible with all BioCube accessories.


  • No noticeable con found.

[2] Tetra Aquarium Kit (20 Gallon):

The Tetra Aquarium kit of 20 gallon is a pretty good goldfish tank. This goldfish tank is also popular to the people. So, let’s go to view details about this item-


The dimension of the tank is 24.2" (Length) by 12.4" (width) by 16.7" (Height). So, there is no doubt that this is a compact goldfish tank. The width of the tank is about half than the length, so this tank look more attractive and needs a fewer space in your room.

LED Light: 

A lighting system of a goldfish tank is always attractive. Here, this tank has blue color LED lighting system. The blue color LED lighting is really awesome. It looks more wonderful at night. The effect can change the environment of your living space decoration as well.

Scratch Resistant Glass: 

Yes, this tank has scratch resistant glass. This is not common to a goldfish tank. The glass is more effective than a plastic body. The tank looks more gorgeous with a glass shell. But the glass has a problem that it can be scratched. But don’t worry. This tank has glass which is scratch resistant.

Special Features: 

Basically, this tank is simply awesome. As we said before, the LED hood is too good. Additionally, there is an included mini Tetra UL heater and Tetra’s special whisper 20 filter. Besides, there is also Glofish 13 inch LED light stick and 3 Glofish plants. The plants make the tank more beautiful. This tank also has Glofish yellow Anemone. You may also add gravel to make the tank more perfect.

Weak Side: 

We didn’t find any big problem with this goldfish tank. You will be happy with this goldfish tank.


  • Blue LED light system;
  • Additional and included plants;
  • Scratch resistant glass;
  • Compact in size;
  • Included Tetra mini UL heater.


  • No major con found.

[3] Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank:

The Aqueon Aquarium starter fish tank is another great goldfish tank. This tank also won people’s attention with its simple stunning design. So, here are the details about this product-

LED Light: 

The amazing LED lighting system feature of this tank is the vibrant. The LED light is too beautiful for your living space that it can change the entire decoration at night. The lighting system is really stunning.  The LED light is the main thing why people love this tank too much.


This goldfish tank uses a quiet flow filter. The QuietFlow power filter can keep the tank noise free and for this reason, the tank is popular among the buyers. Actually it’s very annoying when a tank makes noise. This tank is able to keep clam in your space and presents you a stress free mood.


Yes, this tank is generally suitable for all kinds of fishes. You can buy it for any of your fishes. Your lovely fish will be in a good environment in the tank. This tank also has included premium fish food so your fishes will be healthy as well.

Easy to Maintain: 

This tank has an easy operation and easy maintenance. This tank has LED flash which is to notify you when you need to take care of the tank. This tank also offers you a easy setup.

Special Features: 

This goldfish tank has built in Thermometer so you can keep an eye about the tank’s environment. This 20H glass aquarium is better than a plastic aquarium and it has full hood low profile LED system. The 100W preset heater is set up to keep the water warm during winter days. Also, the LED indicator reminds you to change the cartridge when you need to change that.

Weak Side: 

We did not find any kind of major weak side about this product. But, we wish this tank would have some included plants to make the tank more beautiful.


  • Compact in size, look attractive;
  • QuietFlow filter keeps it quiet;
  • Easy to maintain & set up;
  • Vibrant LED light;
  • 100W preset heater.


  • No noticeable con found.

[4] Marineland Contour Aquarium:

The Marineland Aquarium is simply a unique and wonderful goldfish tank. This tank has totally unique LED light stand on the top. So, let’s go for more detail about it-


The tank is smaller than regular size tank. The dimension of this tank is 12x12x12.5 inch and it is about 10.5 pounds in weight. So, surely this is a compact goldfish tank. This tank takes less space in your room.

LED light: 

This goldfish tank also offers an amazing LED lighting. Mainly, the LED light offers 2 colors- Blue & White. The LED light panel is set on the top of the tank. This light presents a beautiful color effect to the tank. The lighting is very interesting in the morning or evening.

3 Step Filtration:

Well, this tank offers you a unique 3 steps filtration system. So you will get more purified water for the tank. This feature gives you safer water. This system ensures the good health of your pet fishes.

Daylight & Moonlight LED:

You can set the LED light to daylight or moonlight cycle. Then you can enjoy automatic lighting system. This system is too cool. It’s a wonderful feature.

Easy to Use:

This goldfish tank’s operation is too easy to maintain. The installation is also very easy. Besides, maintenance is easy too. So, we can easily say that this tank is very easy to use. The included RITE Size Z filter makes this operation easy.

Weak Side:

Basically, we didn’t get any major problem with this tank. But we wish this tank should produce lesser noise. The noise is not too much, but we can expect less.


  • Compact in size, takes less space;
  • 3 step filtration;
  • Easy to use;
  • Beautiful LED light;
  • Daylight of Moonlight light cycle.


  • The noise could be less.

[5] Penn Plax Vertex Aquarium Kit

The Penn Plax Vertex aquarium kit is basically a tiny size good goldfish tank. This is suitable in any place as it needs less space. This tank is great for any novice aquarist. Here are the details for it-


The Penn Plax Vertex goldfish tank is very compact in size. The capacity of the tank is only 2.7 Gallon. This tank is of only 6.8 pound, so this is light weight too. The dimension is 10x8x9 inches at all. That means this tank is too small than other regular size. This goldfish tank is suitable for any of your place such as your office table of living room.

Frameless Design:

The frameless design has made this tank unique than the others. The glass is only 0.125 inch thick. The glass makes this tank very attractive. The bent glass increases the visibility of the tank.

Hang On Water Filter:

Anyway, this goldfish tank offers a hang on back filter. For this reason, the visibility of the tank is better than other tanks. You may also replace the filter with the best hang on back filer to get the maximum performance from the tank.

Easy & Safe:

This tank is very easy to install, use or maintain. The tank has easy open plastic lid so you can easily take care of your fish. Additionally, it contains a Thermometer so that you can keep an eye to your tank’s temperature. The fish net is also a good feature.

Weak Side:

The tank doesn’t have any LED lighting system. Actually we expect lighting system because most of the tanks offer this feature and the lighting system makes the tank more attractive.


  • Very compact in size;
  • Made with high quality glass;
  • Easy to open lid;
  • Hang on water filter;
  • Frameless stunning design.


  • No lighting system.

How to Set Up GoldFish Tank:

Mainly, various tanks have various methods to set up. That’s because some of the tanks use internal filter and some of the tanks use external filter. They generally include a set up guide with the tank package. So you can read the manual and set your goldfish tank like that.

But, commonly, first of all, you need to place the tank. Then you need to plug in the tank. Before turning on the power, you have to fill the tank with water. But if you want to use additional gravel of plant, then put it before fill it with the water. After sometimes, you’re ready to put your fish in the tank.

What to Look Before Buying GoldFish Tank:

As like as other products, there are different kinds of goldfish tank available on the market. So, it becomes a little bit hard to find the perfect one. But if you consider the following thing before purchasing, then you will able to find a suitable one.


First of all, consider the size. You need to select a size according to your place. If you want to put it on a table, then a tiny size is best, but if you want to put it in your living room, then a bigger one will be better.


Best Goldfish Tank Reviews

Of course, this is the important thing. Always try to give priority to your choice. That’s because this is nothing but a decoration and it’s a great idea to choose a stylish one. Always try to choose one which is made of glass, because glass makes the tank more classic.

LED Light:

LED light uses less power and presents a beautiful effect to the tanks. So you should try one with LED light. And yes, don’t forget to choose one with attractive lighting system as different tanks offer different types of lighting.

Special Features:

You also look after about the filtration system, Thermometer, Daylight cycle and other features. Go for one that offers the features that you actually need.


Finally, we’re in the bottom line. We have reviewed some best goldfish tanks. Hope, you have like this selection. You can find your choice among them. But you can also look for others. In that case, we think, our buying guide will help you. Perhaps, you will find your suitable one. Best of luck.

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