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Why four-season tent is different form winter season tent? Winter season tent is heavy and high resisting to protect you from coldness. Many of country snow fall is the common fact. So, it become very cool throughout the area. Winter season tent is enabled to protect you from this extent coldness. On the other hand, winter season tent is heavyweight and air circulation system is so congested for better life. If it is used in summer season it will be quite tough to live inside the tent. Apart from winter season you need more fresh air which is totally impossible to enter inside the winter season tent.

Four season tents are specially designed to antagonize the inflexibility of that four seasons. This type tents are easily get suited with the changes of season which enables the maximum flexibility to the users. It also can be well used in winter season for its strong designed construction to give the protection from snow fall and ordain, stopping excessive wind and over rated moisture form your camping tent. Though it can spend you for some extra budget for four season tents but, I can give you the confirmation that you will not express regret for your extra expenditure.

Whenever it is heavy wind outside the tent you may need to create the fire combustion or snow melting a canopy will give you a partition from wind flow. But here, you need to be take the attention about negative side of fire hazards. Within the shortage of time it may full of carbon monoxide which is threatening for you berating. It is quite impossible to take meal outside of the tent in snowfall. So, you should to keep in mind about all positive and negative aspects for camping tents.

I am a lucky person that joined into two camping where we used to live in tents. It was the scout camping where I first time stayed into tent. Though I was in fear because I was only nine years old. My second camping was in a sea beach for long one month where I have taken part into a course. I enjoyed it most. It was my memorable days to stay into the tent.

What to Be Keep in Mind

Normally tents are made for use in winter season and to be camping for mountain climbing. But it is to remember that it should be suitable for four seasons and easy to setup. We should be keeping mind about following option to take a tent:


Double wall should be always preferable. Because double layer of clothing is highly flexible with the changes of season. In the winter, it can protect you from snowfall and heavy wind. Same way in the hot weather it saves your tent from extra temperature. On the other hand, single wall tents become poor in resistance and gives poor output for the camping. Though it may be something heavyweight for the double wall but affordable to use.

Tent Pole

Tent pole should be standard in height for maximum comfortable. It should be free standing and light in weight and obviously will be high strengths for resistance. Self-supporting gives extra preference for mountaineers to fix in odd mountain. Its tunnel should be high and sky touring which performs nice for the wind tackle. Double wall tent provides good space and limited weight.

Water Capability

It is one of the most wanted qualities for a tent that how much it can protect you from external weather. Outside of the tent can face snow, rain, sand rain, hailstorm and excessive wind. Water resistance quality will save people under the tent.


Fabric quality protects and make a tent extra strong and light silicon laminating which extends its resistance to another level.


Lightweight is always easy to carry and makes a hangout more comfortable. Team member can carry it otherwise you need to extra power for carry it.

Ventilation System

Air circulation and ventilation also to be kept in mind for better living. If it is low ventilated it will be suffering for sleeping. Moisture can make wet to sleeping bag and cloths.

We have taken 5 best four season tents for your better selection.

Best Four-Season Tent Comparison - 2018




Shipping Weight


Hilleberg Jannu

2 Colors

7.5 pounds

ALPS  5255605


8.45 pounds

Mountain Hardwear Trango

State Orange

10.1 pounds

Black Diamond Firstlight


3.57 pounds

Bibler Ahwahnee Vestibule

Not specified

1 pounds

Top 5 Four Season Tent Reviews:

[1] Hilleberg Jannu 2 Person Tent

Outstanding Features:

  • Weight only 6 pound and packed weight 7 pound;
  • Used Kerlon 1200 outer tent fabric;
  • Poles are 6 pc;
  • 15 V-peg;
  • Door 1;
  • Person capacity 2;
  • Floor dimension 93x57;

Hilleberg Jannu 2 is two-person tent designed normally for the mountaineers. It is a high resistance tent which is lightweight and high flexible for alpine climbing. This tent is well known for its strength. Very easy to set up and self-supporting for its good feature. It contains of Kerlon 1200 and 9 mm pole makes it lightweight and high in stability. Its multiple pole crossing point made it snow tackling capability. High wind cannot be threatening for this tent. For its low weight, it easy to carry into long way by the team members. For its extra portability and high resistance capability it is top choice for hunters, mountaineers and who are the regular winter camper. Also, can be used in any types of camping.


  • Double and stable sidewall;
  • High wind resisted;
  • Snow loading resisted;
  • Nice ventilation;
  • Can set up easily within shortage time;
  • Can be set up from outside;
  • Enough space for two persons flexibility;


  • Winter friendly but may tough for another season;

[2] ALPS Mountaineering 5255605 Tasmanian 2 Person

Outstanding Features:

  • Auto standing features;
  • Easy assembling pole;
  • Polyester fly resist 75 denier;
  • Floor 5000 mm coating;
  • Reliable weather protection due to factory sealed fly;
  • Two doors and two windows with zipper;
  • Two level extra weather protection;
  • Extra 8 zippers for doors and vestibules;
  • It comes with tent bag, pole bag, guy ropes, stake bag;
  • Footprint can buy externally;

This is a four-seasoned tent which is flexible and comfortable for easy use. It is suitable for all season and all conditions use. It has extra wind shedding capability. It contains 7000 series aluminum poles. It also designed with two vestibules for easy storage. It has two doors in two side and having extra-large 8 zipper which makes it extra durable for all where use. This tent is lightweight of only 7 pounds and very easy to carry anywhere. It can allow space to backpackers, near to four feet of head space and proper ventilation.


  • Can be stand without any external support;
  • Easily can be assemble for pole clips;
  • Werther friendly;
  • Nice storage facility;
  • Two doors and two windows with zippers;
  • Sealed in factory which gives weather protection;
  • Good space;
  • Proper ventilation;


  • Repack in not easy enough;

[3] Mountain Hardwear Trango 2 Person Tent

Outstanding Features:

  • Used for two-person;
  • Shelter in basecamp type used for four seasons;
  • Nylon fabrics and waterproof;
  • Coating with silicone;
  • Aluminum poles;
  • Floor likes a bathtub;
  • Used pichlight option to reduce weight;
  • Zippers are watertight;

Mountain Hardwear Trango 2 is known as the best tent till 1995 for the mountaineer who are regular goes for riding. It is also well suited for the hunters. It is a double wall cupola tent for encroachment. It can provide high performance and extra values. For all these qualities, it occupied the top choice of tent user. It has large space that you can easily adjust for three persons inside this tent and flexible for multipurpose use. You will get the guarantee about water passing construction and it contains of bathtub type floor structure. This tent is tested in rain and got positive result against water. Weight is only 9.55 pound and easy to move. It is double door which confirms the nice ventilation.


  • Weather friendly;
  • Huge space inside the tent;
  • Comfortable for multipurpose use;
  • Ultra-lightweight;
  • Two windows ensure ventilation;


  • Not a fast setup;

[4] Black Diamond Firstlight 2 Person Tent

Outstanding Features:

  • Single wall;
  • Support less standing with floor;
  • Fitted ground cloth;
  • Two poles;
  • Weight 3.31 pounds;
  • Door 1;
  • 2000 mm floor;
  • Breathable fabric used;
  • 2 interior pockets with zipper;

The Black Diamond Firstlight is highly compatible for two persons use and perfect for the four seasons. This tent is normally used who are very conscious about their weight but best option to stay inside. It is designed with simple floor shape for extended living space. Every seam of the tent is double sewing which gives durability against reinforce and snowfall. Easily can be set up within the moment for its featherlight poles. Having small back window, it becomes the high ventilated tent. It is the best for under freezing condition.


  • Two pockets with zipper;
  • Extra light weight;
  • Easy setup in limited time;
  • Reduce condensation;
  • Single wall and 2000 mm floor;


  • Very Tiny pockets for comfortable use;

[5] Bibler Ahwahnee Vestibule

Outstanding Features:

  • 2 side doors;
  • Internal plexus door;
  • Rain protection shield;
  • Easy setup with 3 aluminum poles;
  • 2 plexus pockets;
  • 1 rear window for ventilation;
  • Single wall fabric and breathable;
  • Additional ground cloth;
  • Weight 9.54 pounds;

The Black Diamond Ahwahnee is high ventilated and flexible for two persons use. It is four seasoned and highly protected for the winter sheltering. Who are planned to travel multiple climate area it is the best for its resistance of excessive wind and weather tolerance. It contains of single wall and two side doors. It also has one internal mesh door and a rear window. So, the ventilation system is excellent of this perfect shelter for any condition.


  • Easy set up with three internal aluminum poles;
  • Single wall fabric which is waterproof and breathable;
  • Support less standing;
  • Taped seam which prevent dew and water;
  • Multiple weather use;
  • Light to carry;


  • Comparatively expensive;

Wherever you stay you need to be comfortable for best output. Either you go for mountain riding or hunting your shelter should be perfect and comfortable. Otherwise owing weather can throw you into backspace. Wish you a better and happy riding. We are waiting to know your riding experience.

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