Best Fishing Kayak Reviews (2018) | Top 5 Selections Compared

There is nothing more pleasant than a successful fishing trip for fishing enthusiasts. Fishing is the best way to enjoy the nature. You can do it all alone or with the people you love.

The best way of fishing is to do it with an excellent and cool fishing kayak. There are many brands, models and designs of fishing kayaks. So the question is “Which is the best and perfect fishing kayak at present?” 

That’s why I am writing this article with a complete information of top 5 fishing kayaks from my personal experience and also from the experience of my friends. All that you have to do is reading the whole article carefully and don’t forget to note the main information. And then it would be so easy for you to find the best fishing kayak fitting with your expectation.




Shipping Weight


Editor's Choice

Sevylor Coleman Colorado

Shipping Weight: 41.2 pounds

30.1 x 11.6 x 19.2 inches

Sun Dolphin

Display Weight: 40 pounds

13 x 30 x 120 inches

Lifetime 10 Foot Tandem

Shipping Weight: 65 pounds

120 x 36 x 19 inches

Intex Challenger K1

24.6 pounds

137.8 x 29.9 x 15 inches

Old Town Twin Heron Angler Tandem

Shipping Weight: 66 pounds

15.5 x 31.5 x 162 inches

Top 5 Fishing Kayak Reviews

[1] Sevylor Coleman Colorado: the Best 2 Person Fishing Kayak

Dimension : 30.1 x 11.6 x 19.2 inches;

Weight : 41.2 pounds;

The Sevylor Colemon Colorado is an inflatable tandem fishing kayak. This kayak is made for two persons. It's inflatable and lightweight so very easy to use it on water and also easy enough to transport. This kayak is manufactured by Sevylor. Made with air-tight PVC material.  It's very suitable for fishing on river, lake or pond. You can fish solo or tandem style. The most likely thing about this kayak is that it come at an affordable price.

Editor's Choice

Outstanding Features:

  • Multiple air chambers. If one is punctured, then the other one stay inflated;
  • Rod holders provide you hand free fishing;
  • Paddle holders make paddles secured when you are not using them;
  • Adjustable seat;
  • 470 Ibs weight capacity;
  • Carrying handle makes it easy to take it in and out of the water;
  • Comes with carrying bag and hand pump;

What we liked

  • Very lightweight;
  • Much more features at an affordable price;
  • Easy to carry on;

What we didn't like

  • Not suitable for sea fishing;

[2] Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 the Best Sit in Kayak for Beginners

Dimension : (120x30x13)";

Weight: 39.5 pounds;

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Sit-In Kayak is an excellent choice for the beginner fishing enthusiasts. Made with polyethylene. It has an adjustable seat with high backrest. Very working foot braces. 

Carrying handle makes it easy to carry on. It has a water bottle holder and a convenient storage hatch. This kayak is a perfect fishing kayak for the beginners as it's a basic kayak.

Out Standing Features:

  • Big and open cockpit;
  • Adjustable seat with high backrest;
  • Foot braces;
  • Water bottle holder and carrying handle;
  • Convenient storage;
  • 250 lbs weight capacity;

What we liked

  • Very lightweight;
  • High weight limit. You can load more than it's weight capacity;
  • Plenty of room;
  • Easy to maneuver;

What we didn't like

  • Getting in and out is a little bit tricky. However, you can solve it with some practice;

[3] Lifetime 10 Foot: the Best Sit on Top Kayak for Beginners

Dimension: (120*36*19)”

Weight: 82 Pounds

The Lifetime 10 Foot Fishing Kayak is an ultimate fishing kayak. It’s a sit-on-top tandem fishing kayak made for 2 people but can take up to 3 people. It’s really cool, isn’t it? It is made with durable polyethylene plastic that makes it easy to transport and use. The kayak is so much stable that you can fish standing up or sitting side-saddle.

Outstanding Features:

  • Up to 3 people can ride together;
  • 500 lbs weight capacity;
  • Innovative hull gives the kayak extra stability;
  • Multiple footrest positions included;
  • 2 double side paddles, paddle clips, 3 fishing pole holders, 2 paddle backrests included;
  • A high spaced storage of 6’;

What we liked

  • It’s very much stable;
  • Extra room for foot, big guys can sit very comfortably;
  • Fishing is possible both standing and sitting;

What we didn't like

  • Rod holders are not that much usable;
  • Too heavy to carry on;

[4] Intex Challenger K1 the Best Fly Fishing Kayak 

Product Dimensions: 137.8 x 29.9 x 15 inches ;

Shipping Weight: 30.6 pounds;

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak is one of the best fly fishing kayak. It has a big and comfortable cockpit. So you can easily enter and exit. This kayak is made with durable welded material. 

The graphics of its body is very eye catching. Very useful for fishing on ponds, lakes or rivers.

Outstanding Features:

  • Comfortable inflatable floor;
  • Cargo net for storing extra gear;
  • Backrest seat;
  • 84” aluminum oar and high-output hand pump included;

What we liked

  • Easy to maneuver;
  • Lightweight;

What we didn't like

  • Not suitable for ocean fishing;

[5] Old Town Twin Heron Angler: the Best Fishing Tandem Kayak

Dimensions : (162*31.5*15.5)”

Weight: 60 Pounds

The Old Town Twin Heron is a tandem fishing kayak. This is the best for two persons. But it is far better for a single person also. 

It also performs well enough when you are alone in the kayak. It has a hull which is very innovative and designed in such a way that the bow remains down when you are paddling alone from the back seat. This kayak is an excellent choice for the fishing lover family.

Outstanding Features:

  • Front seat is removable, very comfortable for solo paddling;
  • When paddling alone from the back seat, the bow remains down because of the innovative hull;
  • It has 6 mount receivers, 2 rod holders, and cup holders;
  • Foot braces included;
  • It has a maximum load range of 450 to 500 pounds;

What we liked

  • You can remove the front seat and get extra storage;
  • Very stable in water;
  • Fast and easy to maneuver;

What we didn't like

  • Too heavy and large for carrying;

Fishing Kayak Models

Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayaks

  • The most popular fishing kayak;
  • Very easy to attach many accessories;
  • Made with polyethylene;
  • Price is affordable;
  • Too much stable;

Sit-Inside Fishing Kayaks

  • Price is a little bit higher than Sit-On-Top Fishing kayaks;
  • Made of fiberglass, Kevlar or carbon fiber;
  • Faster than Sit-On-Top ocean kayaks;
  • Attaching extra accessories are not that easy;
  • Protect the body from the outside cold weather;

Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

If you are thinking of fishing nearby on calm water like ponds, lakes or rivers, an inflatable kayak is an excellent choice for you. But, if you are thinking of sea fishing then it’s not that much suitable for you as there are lots of waves in sea water.

  • Easy to use and transform;
  • Very stable;
  • Not fast, it’s very slow.

Fishing Kayaks with Pedals

These types of kayaks can be maneuver with the pedal. No need of paddles. The price of these kayaks is very high. But if you are looking for a second-hand kayak you will find a great deal.

  • Made with polyethylene material;
  • Large space and storage;
  • Very heavy, difficult to transport.

Things to Consider for Choosing Fishing Kayak

There are some key factors to understand for choosing the best kayak for fishing. I am going to make a list of those key factors bellow. This will prevent you to buy a fishing kayak which can't match your expectation and help you purchasing the best kayak which is reliable and fits your need.

1. Material:

Different kinds of materials are used to make a fishing kayak. And the cost of a kayak mostly depends on the material used to make it. Expensive kayaks are made with "Fiberglass" or "Kevlar carbon". Cheap kayaks are made of polyethylene. These types of kayaks are cheap enough.

2. Propulsion:

There are three types of fishing kayaks. Paddling fishing kayak, Peddling fishing kayak and Motorized fishing kayak. You will need a paddle or two to steer a paddling fishing kayak. The paddling kayaks need to be peddled to steer it. You have to operate those peddles with your legs.

Peddling kayaks are speedier than paddling kayaks. And when you are in a peddling kayak you can focus on fishing since your hands are free.

Both paddling and peddling kayaks have an advantage of silence. You can enter into fishing zone very silently without disturbing the fish and have a successful fishing trip.

Motorized Kayaks are operated with a motor. This types of kayaks have the same speed as peddling kayaks. And they have a disadvantage of making noise. So if you are using motorized kayaks for fishing, you have a risk of making the fish scared.

Now the choice is yours, which propulsion fits your needs most?

3. Size and Shape:

Size and Shape are another important things in choosing a perfect fishing kayak for you. There are many differences between a kayak for the beginner and kayaks for the expert. Size and shape are the main things to consider if a kayak is perfect for the beginners or the experts as the stability and speed of a sea kayak depend on its size and shape.

So you may have a question. "What size of kayak should I buy, long and narrow or short and wide?" Here's the answer - The longer and narrower the kayak is, the faster and less stable it becomes. On the other hand, the shorter and wider the kayak is, the slower and more stable it becomes.

That means a short and wide kayak is slower and more stable and it is perfect for you if you are a beginner. And this type of kayak is ideal for fishing in rivers, ponds or lakes.

On the other hand, long and narrow kayak provides you more speed, but you may not be able to control it if you are not an expert. This type of kayak is ideal for open water fishing.

4. Storage Space:

Storage space depends on how much gear you are planning to carry with you. You need a big storage space if you need to carry more gear. But you have to remember that the larger the storage is, the more expensive the kayak becomes. So if you are sure that you can do with less storage, you can save some money. Now the choice is yours.

5. Type of Fishing:

At first, think about it. Where you want to go for fishing, in river water or open water in the sea?

If you are going to fish in river water, then find a kayak which is short, because you don't need more speed. But if you are going to do it in open water in the ocean you have to find a longer kayak which will provide you more speed. In case of ocean fishing, you also have to find a kayak which can tackle waves and move quickly across open water.

6. Cost:

How much a fishing kayak costs to purchase it? Well, there are different kinds of fishing kayaks to match different types of budget. High budget kayaks of $1000+ are made with Kevlar carbon. Sometimes they have a glass of Polycarbonate material throw which you can see everything happening under water.

Mid-range kayak's price is $400-$900. You can find a good fishing kayak on this budget which will fulfill your need properly.

If your budget is too low, then you may purchase a small and inflatable fishing kayak for $100 or even less. And from my experience, I can say that this is the best choice for the beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You have a lot of questions about choosing the best fishing kayak, haven't you? The very first question is "Wat do I need my kayak for? Is it for fishing in the oceans? Is it for fishing in the calm water in river or pond? Is it for professional fishing? It's important to understand your need. Now I am discussing some questions which will help you to eliminate your confusion.

1. Where Will You Use It?

It is important to think about where you are going to fish. If you are going to fish in open water in the sea, you will need a fishing kayak which provides more speed. So you can choose a long kayak. And as the stability depends on the width of the kayak, you have to choose the perfect width.

If you are going to fish in pond or river, you should choose a fishing kayak which won't give you much speed and which is easy to maneuver. Because you are in a limited water spot, it's not good to have more speed.

If you are not sure where you are going to use it? Or if you are thinking of changing your fishing spot in future, then you should choose a fishing kayak which is suitable for both sea and river.

2. How much Will You Spend?

There are different kinds of kayaks at different prices. The price is between $100 to $5000. You can buy an inflatable kayak for $100 or even less. Or you can buy a motorized fishing kayak with a high budget of $1000+.

3. How much Experiences Do You Have?

Are you an expert? Or are you just thinking of starting your journey? If you are an expert, then I believe you know better, which kayak matches your need. But, if you are just a beginner then you have to research enough to find the best beginner kayak for you. You may look for a low-cost kayak which will help you have a hands-on training.

4. How much Storage Do You Need?

How much storage do you need? Well, this depends on what type of fisher you are. If you are a series fisher, you obviously need a big storage space. But, if you are a beginner you can do it with less storage. You need big storage if you want to take more gear with you. I recommend don't look for big storage, if you are sure that you can do it with less storage because it will make you spend some extra money.

5. How Do You Want to Move?

Do you want to move slowly or you want to move fast? If you want to move slowly, you should look for a paddling fishing kayak. This will also save you some money.

If you want to move fast, you should look for a peddling or motorized fishing kayak. I recommend not to look for motorized fishing kayaks. There is a risk of disturbing the fish if you use a motorized fishing kayak as there is noise on a motorized kayak.


Above all, if you ask me "Which one is the best fishing kayak?" I recommend you to choose the "Coleman Colorado" as it has much more features at an affordable price. And this kayak is perfect for both beginner and expert. As it is an inflatable fishing kayak, it's very lightweight. So it's easy to maneuver and also easy to transport.

Wish you have an awesome journey with you perfect fishing kayak.