Finding the Best Fishing Hats Reviews 2018 | 5 (Excellent) Selection

When you go for fishing, you should always put on a cap on your head to protect yourself from the excessive heat of the sun. And for the best protection, you have to choose the best fishing hat.

Fishing is a great way to pass your time among nature. People of all ages like fishing. And for a successful fishing trip, you must have all the perfect fishing gear. The excessive heat of the sun will disturb you to concentrate on fishing. That's why you must need a fishing hat.

You have to choose the perfect fishing hat for you. But which are the perfect fishing hats? Well choosing the best one is a difficult task as there are a lot of brands and models of the fishing hat in the market. So you have to do research on it. You have to consider many things and also read reviews from the previous customers. Only then you will be able to pick the best one easily. But I know that you don’t have enough time to research for buying a hat. That’s why I am writing this article with all the information you need so that you don’t need to read other articles. So all you have to do is to read the whole article carefully. Now let’s check our comparison Table.






Camo Coll Outdoor Sun Cap


One Size

Ddyoutdoor™ 07-281

Army Green

One Size 

KBETHOS The Go-to Boonie Hat


One Size

LETHMIK Fishing Sun Boonie Hat

Grey Green

One Size

Rapiddominance Boonies


Four Size

Top 5 Fishing Hats - Reviews 2018

1. Camo Coll Outdoor Sun Cap Camouflage Bucket Mesh Boonie Hat

Outstanding Features:

  • Made of cotton and polyester;
  • Cotton makes it very comfortable;
  • Polyester makes it lightweight;
  • Adjustable chin strap;
  • Has a mesh part which allows airflow and keeps your head cool;
  • Water resistant;

It is a great hat which will fit all head sizes. It is made of cotton and polyester. The cotton makes it soft, and polyester makes it lightweight. So it’s comfortable. Two different materials construction has made it great. There is mesh around the top of the hat which allows the moisture from your sweat and helps you to remain cool.

The hat is water resistant, so you don’t need to worry about the fact that your head will be wet. It has a handy chin strap which will make sure that your hat will remain on your head if there is a windy weather. After all the price is affordable, so you can get a useful product at an affordable price.

Things We Liked

  • Lightweight and comfortable;
  • Keep your head cool;
  • Adjustable drawstring for fixing the hat in windy days.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The depth is quite shallow;

2. Ddyoutdoor™ 07-281 Fashion Summer Sun Protection Fishing Cap

Outstanding Features:

  • There are mesh side panels to keep you cool;
  • Comes with removable flaps;
  • One size fits all;
  • Made of nylon, so it's lightweight and durable;
  • Weight is only 5.6 ounces;

This is a great fishing hat. One of the hats that have removable flaps. It protects your whole face area from insect and also from water. You can remove the flap when you want. It is made of nylon which makes it not only durable but also lightweight.

It has mesh side panels. And on the panels, there are two soft brass eyelets that which boost the ventilation. So you don't need to be worried about being overheated or sweated.

Things We Liked

  • Flaps protect your whole face area and neck;
  • You will not be overheated;
  • Easy to carry.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Comes in only one size;

3. The Go-to Boonie Hat for OUTDOOR Activities

Outstanding Features:

  • Made of high-quality cotton (55%) and Polyester (45%);
  • It's ideal for outdoor activities;
  • It has four meshed brass eyelets for better ventilation;
  • Adjustable sized fishing hat;

This is another great fishing hat. This hat is made of nylon and polyester. So it's comfortable, lightweight and durable.

It has the wide brim that protects you from sun rays. It's very flexible; you can stretch it. The size of this hat is 7 to 7 3/8. It comes in 21 different colors. It's also a stylish hat.

Things We Liked

  • Durable;
  • Lightweight;
  • Premium cotton & polyester meets modern performance.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No cons;

4. LETHMIK Fishing Sun Boonie Hat Summer UV Protection Cap

Outstanding Features:

  • Made of polyester fiber cotton;
  • It comes in one size and fit all head;
  • It has an adjustable chin strap;
  • It's foldable;
  • Lightweight, durable and comfortable;

This hat is made of cotton and polyester. So it's lightweight as well as comfortable. It comes in only one size. And that size is fit to all head. The hat is fold able, so when you are not wearing it, you can easily fold it and store it in your bag.

Things We Liked

  • It can be folded;
  • Very practical and classic decoration;
  • Chin strap;
  • Comfortable;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn't have any consn;

5. Rapiddominance Boonies

Outstanding Features:

  • Made of two different materials, Cotton (55%) and polyester (45%);
  • Flat top and floppy brim;
  • Has adjustable chin strap with cord lock;
  • Military specs;
  • Lightweight;

The Rapid dominance Boonies is a comfortable fishing hat which is made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. Cotton makes a hat soft and comfortable while polyester makes it lightweight.

It has a chin strap so that the cap always remains on your head while you are moving around or a strong wind flows over your head. It comes in various colors. It is fold able so you can carry it easily when you are not using it.

Things We Liked

  • Comfortable construction;
  • Pure cotton;
  • Lightweight;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No cons;

Importance of A Fishing Hat:

  • Protect your face from the heat of sun;
  • Protect your eyes from excess sunlight;
  • Prevents your neck from being burned;
  • Protects you from insects;
  • Helps you to give more concentration in fishing.

What You Need in a Good Fishing Hat

When you purchase a fishing hat, you obviously want that there should be some features in the hat. So what should be in a good fishing hat.

1. Protection:

This is the main reason that you are wearing a hat. Protection is the first work of a fishing hat. It must have the ability to protect you from sun, cold, wind and also from getting wet.

2. Comfort:

After the protection, a good fishing hat must provide you comfort. If your hat is not comfortable enough, you will not feel well wearing it. The hat should be soft, have the ability to keep you warm or cool whatever you want. It should not be too tight or too lose. And after all, it should be lightweight. All these features make a fishing hat comfortable enough.

3. Durability:

You will not wear a fishing hat. You will wear it often. So it must have the durability to survive a long time even if you don’t take care of it.

4. Style:

The style is not that much important. You are going to fish not for making someone impressed by your look. Not even the fish will be caught itself if you look good. However, it is good if your hat is stylish but don’t give it the most priority.

The Best Fishing Hats - Things to Consider

When you are in the way of buying a fishing hat, obviously you will want to find the best fishing hat. And for that you must consider some important factors otherwise it would not be easy to choose the best fly fishing hat for you. So let’s see what those factors are.

1. Hat Size:

Size is the most important thing to consider when you are buying a fishing hat. If the size is not perfect, the hat will not be comfortable. People have different sizes of heads. Keeping that in mind manufacturers are making fishing hats of different sizes. There are small, medium and large size hats. Small sized hats come in 6 5/8, 6 ¾ and 6 7/8 inches. Medium sizes are available in 7 and 7 1/8 inches. And large sizes are available from 7 1/4 to 7 3/8 inches. No matter you are a kid or an adult. You can find a fishing hat that would fit your head perfectly.

2. Adjustable Chin Strap:

Chain Strap is also necessary. A good fishing hat is included with chain strap because the hat may be flown away if a strong wind blows over your head. That is why you must need a chin strap in your hat. If the chin strap is adjustable, it’s better.

You don’t have time to take care of your hat if it is in its right place or not as you are busy with fishing. An adjustable chin strap will make sure that your hat is allays on your head even there is strong wind. And you have check that the chin strap is comfortable.

3. Waterproof Outershell:

You should choose a fishing hat that is made of waterproof materials. Which has the ability to protect your head from being wet when it is raining. If your hat is not waterproof fishing will be challenging in the rainy season.Your head will be wet, and you will not feel comfortable. After all, you will not be able to enjoy your fishing trip well.

4. Ventilation:

You have to choose a hat that has perfect ventilation system as there will be excessive heat on a sunny day. And you will sweat a lot. So you need ventilation system in your hat so that your head remains cool to the touch of air and you feel comfortable. And you can concentrate in fishing better.

5. Fade Resistance:

Fade Resistance is not that much important as it won’t affect your fishing. But it is a matter as you will not feel better to wear a hat that has lost it’s color and is looking ugly. And you don’t want to spend your money on a hat that will be faded after a short use. So just check the color quality.

Final Verdict

Hope you have read the whole article and enjoyed it. If you have read, you now know how to find the best fishing hat. And I think it is no longer a difficult task for you. So you can now make your choice. You look for the top 5 fishing hat those are reviewed in this article. That will help you to pick a hat easily.

I will suggest you for “The Camo Coll Outdoor Sun Cap Camouflage Bucket Mesh Boonie Hat” It has all the features you want in a fishing hat at an affordable price. However, you are free to choose a hat yourself.

Hope you will be able to make a perfect choice. All the best.

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