A Guide to Finding the Best Carburetor for 350 Chevy Engine | 5 Reviewed

Carburetor engines work on fuel feeding engines through a carburetor. The carburetor is a mechanical part that reaches the fuel through the compressed air to the combustion chamber. How much of the process is through the combustion chamber suction and the work is done depending on how much throttle body air is done. Here the carburetor itself does not deliver the fuel rather air sack pulls the fuel from different channels and mix it before the intake manifold and yes the carburetor controls Air-Fuel Mixer and Ratio when the channel is tuned. Carburetor feeding system the old time mechanism but modern technology has given importance to it and has many advantages and disadvantages.

There are many Carburetor can find in the current marketplace. But before buying you need to know about carburetor operate, price, fuel injection system, fast serviced and easy to get available, easy to tuning and setting and the engine can be opened individually without disturbing consider those important features to make the best purchase. We know, your time is valuable and you don't want to waste it. So, in order to help you to buy the best carburetor for 350 Chevy engine, we've created this complete guide so that you can pick up the affordable carburetor that works well for you.




Shipping Weight


Rochester 2GC 2 Barrel Chevrolet Engines 5.7L 350

10.3 x 8.9 x 6.8 inches

8.25 pounds

Editor's Choice

Edelbrock 1406 Performer 600 CFM Square Bore 4-Barrel Carburetor

18 x 14 x 9 inches

5 pounds

Holley 0-7448 Model 2300 350 CFM 2-Barrel Manual Choke

12.2 x 11 x 7.5 inches

9.8 pounds

JET 35002 Rochester Quadrajet Stage 2 Carburetor

10 x 14 x 14 inches

15 pounds

JET 35001 Rochester Quadrajet Stage 1 Carburetor

10 x 14 x 14 inches

12.48 pounds 

5 Best Carburetor for 350 Chevy Engine Reviews

Rochester Chevrolet simply is an awesome product for 350 chevy engine. It's another name is Q-jet. Who've been driving vehicle for a long time already they well known about Q-Jet brand. All of us have a common question "what is the best carburetor for a Chevy 350". You can keep this carb on your choice list. Because it's some significant benefits.

You do not need to worry about the throttle response lags as its high-speed circuits are there. It's calibration also perfect. Since it has four barrels so two primary and secondary barrel works. You will be surprised to see its activities. Made of aluminum and insert dual plane intake manifold.  Lower RPM perfect for it.

 It's called stage 2 for better idle speed. It's very similar to Rochester stage 1 but you will have to update idle speed and various operation. So, when you chose stage 1 you will get same performance your engine. You will get maximum HP if you buy stage 2.

It's 8.5:1-9.5:1 compression ratio so you can fit it according to your vehicle. (Must remember about higher octane gas in this case).

With this features, you'll be very happy because you don't need to replace this best carburetor brand for decades.

I would advise you for your convenience if you want to replace this carb for the first time. Buy a book for carburetor replacing and modifying. It's effective and cheap. So you can buy it without any doubt.

What we liked

  • Carb fit perfectly;
  • Instant start it up and it runs great with no adjustments;
  • Heavy Duel Metal Construction;
  • It will fit the models 5.7L and 6.6L Engines;
  • 100% improvement and noticeable gains in fuel economy.

What we didn't like

  • Without cleaning carburetors oil channels will be blocked;
  • Use the clean fuel before Installing the Carburetors.

Edelbrock 1406 perfect 4 barrel carburetor with it's better performance. The acceleration and drivability of your old car that can improve using 4 barrel carburetor. For some such activities, it's a perfect fit for your car. So let's talk about it's some good performance. I'm sure you would like to see its performance.

It has an electric choke. it's made by all-aluminum construction for cooler operating temperatures and less warping. Fuel economy calibrated for good street performance. 

Editor's Choice

It has large engines with the Edelbrock Performer manifolds. Because of it's designed there is no damage to the leak because there is no part of the plastic For ignition advance electric choke carburetor includes both time and full vacuum ports. It can easily change metering rods for precise tuning.

This carb is easy to install, easy to tune and hasn't let you down at all. Just buy this product and get a video on how to install?  Don't worry when buying this product because Edelbrock 1406 offer 90 days warranty. If you don't like, you have a chance to return.

What we liked

  • Edelbrock's exclusive offer 90 days warranty;
  • Work perfectly with your new carb and fits Chevy 350 engine;
  • Awesome design made by all aluminum no risk to leak;
  • Full installation video for this carb.

What we didn't like

  • Without seeing the video, it takes 90 minutes to set up.

Holley carb is 2-barrel carburetor. This carburetor is perfect for racing classes. Very easy to set up so the engine runs awesome. No adjustments need.

Manual choke. But I said before electric choke is a good choice. Manual choke also good too. Because it's can control easily and 100% trouble free.

All-metal parts, and replaceable jets, center hung float bowl, universal throttle lever. A couple of pumps on the throttle and it cranks right over and starts, stays running until warmed up. I'm sure you love this setup!

It also includes a power valve, high flow venturi, and a standard 5-1/8 air cleaner flange. Mixes the right amount of gasoline with air so that the engine runs properly. Because of the Manual Choke, the heating of the engine can be very easy to control. Holley 2300 definitely looks like the best carb for stock 350 --2 barrel carburetor.

What we liked

  • 100-percent wet-flow tested and calibrated for street drivability;
  • Manual choke for easy control of engine warm-up;
  • Power valve blow-out protection and trouble-free operation.

What we didn't like

  • No electric choke.

If you want to add your engine more HP than install Rochester 2GC. This one doesn't make the mileage lower. It's designed like Edelbrock 1406. So there is no way to fuel flooding.

It features manual choke that's why operation trouble-free. I already described this choke previous carburetor. It has the same quality and activities as previous 3 carburetors. 

But it's cheap from those other. Very easy to install and good performance on the street. It's doesn't down your vehicle speed.

You can buy a 2-4 barrel adapter kit for Rochester 2GC if you need.

What we liked

  • Very smooth idle and smooth transition;
  • Just turn the key and it starts instantly;
  • No other adjustments are needed when installing.

What we didn't like

  • Needs a little choke adjustments.

This carburetor offer improves your vehicle idle speed. If you get tried to replace your carburetor then choose this one for your 350 chevy engine. Rochester 35001 starts with a complete disassembly of the hand-selected core. So you can do easily clean and inspection procedure.

Best carburetor for 305 chevy engine offers manually check. After installing instant get throttle response.

These carburetor circuits are checked for proper sizing so you don't need to worry about the size. Jet reassembled using the highest quality components. This super point gets down your confusion. Other facilities are quick and easy installation.

What we liked

  • Circuits are checked for proper sizing;
  • The carburetor is then reassembled using the highest quality components;
  • Need no adjustments at install.

What we didn't like

  • No warranty.

About the Carburetor & How to Maintain it

What is Carburetor:

Carburetor is a device that causes air and fuel missions in an intravenous engine (which happens to be burned inside the engine). Carburetor makes a major mix of air and fuel depending on the difference in air pressure. Due to the piston of the engine above, the empty space inside the cylinders creates an atmosphere that has lower ambient inside the cylinder. But the external intense pressure causes the excess air to enter the inside so that the external fresh air enters the gas chamber and merges with the gas.

How does it Work:

This is an essential part of an open part that is entering the air very quickly. There is a jet needle inside the main jet. As soon as the throttle is increased this jet needle gradually moves away, as the entrance to the air in the carburetor opens to enter the air. This gateway is completely opened while in the highest throttle. Pilot jets and slide valves are two separate systems that control the air flow through small holes when the vehicle moves at a low speed.


Why use Carburetor:

If you have a vehicle you know why it's used and what's the benefits of it. But you may not know the right benefits of it. People usually say you need to check before buying as they are carb fit perfectly, Instant start it up and it runs great with no adjustments, 100% improvement and noticeable gains in fuel economy, power valve blow-out protection and trouble-free operation, no other adjustments are needed when installing, circuits are checked for proper sizing, the carburetor is then reassembled using the highest quality components.

I think now you have gained an idea about yourself why I use it?  All features insert in top 5 carburetors. If you want something big and powerful you can buy Quadrajet or Edelbrock 1406—these carburetors save your fuel economy. Of course, you love the activities of the renewed engine. If you want 2 barrels with manual choke you can buy Holley 2300. It also saves your money. Rochester 2GC and 1 boost your vehicle power. The choice all up to you.

How to Maintain:

When we buy something for our needs then we think that it should last many days. You also think about your carb. Today I will describe with you how to protect your carb? Every 7 days once clean your fuel/air tank. It helps your vehicle from street trouble. So you need an adapter you find it any auto parts store just 10$.

When you will buy HOLLEY 2300 carburetor, you get a free video on how to install. So you don't need to become a professional engineer you can easily protect your vehicle expertise. Carburetors are made by aluminum so there is no way to fuel flooding. But you need to check for sure.

How Choose the Correct Carburetor for 350 Chevy Engine

When buying the perfect carburetor for 350 chevy engine, there are some important things you need to consider.  The most important thing we figure out when purchasing you a carb and will discuss why each one is important given below:


Price is determined by authority. If your budget under 200$ you don't purchase any carb that cost more than that. If you find really amazing price than make sure their brand and customer review. That will help you to clear and easy to buy.

Carburetor Review


The first thing to keep the list is CFM which is needed for your engine. A simple formula is available that you will put right in the CFM Ballpark. Naturally the formula of aspirated petrol engine is:

Maximum rpm/3,456 X Engine Size (c.i.d.)  = cfm at 100-percent Volumetric Efficiency (VE)

Example: 350 c.i.d. X 6,000 rpm = 2,100,000/3,456 = 608 cfm

This engine requires an estimated around 608 CFM. Anyway, most of the street engines are capable to get just 80 percent VE. Ported heads, headers, good intake, and carburetor can achieve about 85-percent VE when modified street engine. it can perform 95 percent or more VE if completely modified race engine. The numbers of CFM with this formula must be affected by this percentage.

RPM Range:

The minimum and the maximum RPM range of engine will need to know. The lowest rpm is as critical as the highest rpm. At the minimum, you need to be concerned with the minimum rpm that will have to accelerate from you. Several additional information comes into play - such as transmission type, and convertor flash RPM. For example, with a 3500 RPM stall converter, one car will need less than one carburetor with the same engine 5500 RPM stall converter in a car. It's all around acceleration - a big carburetor which can produce more torque and power in Dyno, generally the engine can not speed up the minimum speed from the lowest rpm.

Remember, the engines are not happy when they are running the highest torque RPM! As the correct connector should flash around 100 to 200 rpm above the highest torch RPM. let's see a good example is a standard small block of Ford and small block Chevrolet.

The primary amount of the Ford factory run into a smaller carburetor than a normal Chevrolet. this can be proven through dyno (engine and chassis dyno) as well as racetrack testing. It comes down from the port speed and rotation point (usually the pushrod area above the head). The induction track simply wants a round point to control the velocity, which is usually the cylinder head or carburetor.


There are two types of choke the carburetor. Manual choke and electric choke. Manual chokes can be transformed into automatic electric choke operation with correct kits, and vice versa.

Throttle lever:

Linkage hook ups will bolt directly to the carburetor throttle lever and kickdown maximum three-speed automatic transmission. Bracket does not include carburetor. So you need to purchase a Chrysler applications. Some MOPAR applications may needs assembly of a specific throttle. Vehicles decorated with a GM-TH700R4 automatic overdraft transmission will need to purchase a bracket kit.

I hope this helps to get a better handle on the important things you consider when choosing the right carburetor for your vehicle. Don't forget to read customer review and best price available

How to Install Carburetor on Chevy 350 Engine

Just follow the jlsporttrucksonline.com's video, they explain it very well:


What is the difference between the stage 1 and 2?

Basically, better idle.

What is the CFM rating for this JET 35002 Rochester carb?


Edelbrock 1406 replace Rochester quadrajet?

Depends on what kind of intake manifold you have. Some intake manifold you will need an adapter

Does Holley 2300 carb come with the air filter?

The air filter didn't come to this carb. You must buy an Air filter.

What connects to the top right outlet in  Rochester 2GC carb?

There is a screwed fitting that on the other end has a tip for a hose to be tightened with a clamp


Hope you can select your best carburetor for 350 Chevy engine review from us. These entire 5 best carburetors perfect for any vehicles. However, I gave you the priority about these carb advantages step by step. After considering the major requirements hope you clear which best brand carburetor needs for you. Though choosing the best from various models wasn't too easy, but we did. You can now find the suitable one from them for you easily. Good luck!

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