10 Best Car Audio Battery Reviews (2018) | How to Choose Right Type

Automobiles are essentially backed by a battery since 1920 and from then on it has become a part and parcel of motor vehicles. Modern motor cars, small car to large trucks, come with a default battery of high electrical surge. So you have no reason to get confused when coming across a term like best car audio battery thinking that this is a separate power surge backing for the car stereo system. Practically, a battery for the car stereo system is the one that kickstarts the car engine. And it empowers other car electronics too.

The car stereo system is the more crucial among the car accessories next to the engine. That requires a dedicated power surge coming from the car battery. So a battery backed by the modern technology and dedicated features for your car is as essential as it is for the car sound system. Be it a short trip or long journey your favorite numbers need to be blaring through your chosen stereo system. 

What if you have to halt midway to check why the music system has gone off? You will be vexed to the limit of keeping your calm. This is enough to damage the rest of your long journey that you have planned ahead and waited for. To avoid a terrible and weird situation like that, you need to make a good deal of the best car battery for your sound system. This is the only salvation to keep you energized with hit numbers on all the car adventures coming ahead. In this review guide, you will encounter the best break down of top 10 car audio batteries and all the urgent information you require to know to pick the best audio power source.




Shipping Weight

Further Info

XS Power D3400 XS

12.8 x 10.5 x 9.5 inches

49 pounds

Editor's Choice

Optima 8014-045

10 x 6.9 x 7.8 inches

47.5 pounds 

Kinetik HC600 BLU

7 x 3 x 6.5 inches

11.8 pounds

Soundquest SQB2000

9 x 7 x 8 inches

24.8 pounds 

Odyssey 34-PC1500T

13.4 x 10.1 x 9.6 inches

50.5 pounds

ACDelco 49AGM

13.9 x 6.9 x 7.5 inches

63 pounds


2.6 x 4.5 x 4.9 inches

1 pounds

NPP 6V 200 Amp

12 x 6.7 x 8.7 inches

65 pounds

Renogy Deep Cycle AGM

13 x 6.8 x 9 inches

66 pounds

Universal UB121000-45978

12.17 x 6.61 x 9.16 inches

60 pounds

10 Best Car Audio Battery Reviews in 2018 

1. XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V

XS Power D3400 features the premium grade car audio battery attributes. Let's start with the voltage statement in the advertisement that says it is 12V capable battery. Whenever a car battery carries a tag to be powered with as high as 12V, you should think that it will empower the electronics with even more voltages if and when fully charged. 

Because batteries now a day comprise 6 cells and each cell carries 2.1 volts. That means XS Power is a real power backing that delivers minimum 12.6 volts when fully charged.

This is pretty good news for the automobile audiophiles as they can go longer with their favorite numbers nonstop. But care should be taken so the sound system is an upgraded one to go in sync with this power source. Because any low quality stereo system runs the risk of being fried with that power outflow.

This is really a high output car audio battery backed by the modern AGM technology getting you rides of the maintenance hassle. AGM is a deep-cycle and dry-cell compatible battery technology that doesn't require the battery to be water-supplied. On top of that, this battery backed by features and the superb facilities rare for any on the go – spill-proof, leakage-proof, and vibration resistant. These are the battery attributes contributing to the enhanced performance and extended battery life. Being deep-cycle, it offers low-discharge rate and high cold-cranking amps. What more you can expect with the meager price for your stereo system to tune ceaselessly.  

2. Optima Batteries 8014-045 D34/78 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

Optima is the best battery for your car sound system not only for it is everywhere an editor's pick. It is the best one because it features the most sophisticated technologies, advanced applications, and pragmatic designs. Let us start with the AGM technology and dual-purpose orientation. AGM has made it spill-proof and leakage proof enabling you to install it on any orientation of the car. Moreover, it can superbly bear with the vibration and shock imminent from poor-quality driving and rough terrains. The owner of Optima will enjoy the high performance and longer battery life.

Editor's Choice

Dual purpose means Optima Redtop offers you both the instant start option and a longer span of power support. It serves the purposes of both the jumpstarting and deep-cycle battery. This feature makes it stand out from the crowds. With the best optima battery for your car audio, you will never suffer an untimely break from listening to your hits and can go on longer than average battery can.

All the features Optima Redtop offers cast a magnetic appeal that any audiophile will fall prey to. The high cold-cranking amps enable the battery to keep on running in the cold and hostile weather. That means now you are invincible even when facing rough weather and in the worst of conditions. It boosts your traveling with a 100 minutes reverse capacity to keep you on the move for more than an hour even while the alternator has gone off. So this is the stunning alternative or replacement for small vehicles and trucks too.

You can definitely opt for the most power-hungry sound system when your car comes with the Optima car power surge.

3. Kinetik HC600 BLU Series 600-Watt 12-Volt High Current AGM Car Audio Power Cell Battery

This 12 volts and AGM design sealed unit is a real audio battery with its 6 cells giving more than the stated power output. It means when it is fully charged it empowers the car electronics with at least 12.6 volts. So if your stereo system comes with the heavy-duty speakers, it can very well support those to go as loud and long as they can. The AGM orientation provides the power source with increased performance and extended battery life. This AGM sealed audio battery can very ably replace your overused car battery and it is a must-go-to offer for a new purchase.

Kinetik audio cell features with ultra-low internal resistance allowing it the ablest electric conductivity. The more than regular number of interior plates provides this battery with superior energy density and increases the surface area. So this feature is responsible for high performance, increased durability, and power. The high cold-cranking flair of 1150 amps has imparted the battery with enough power to defy the roughest of the weathers and the worst of the conditions.

The 100% sealed and re-emphasized plastic cage adorns the power booster with the convenience of resistance to vibration and rough terrain-oriented shock. So you don't need to go off the music system when faced with the said conditions. On top of that, the leak-proof lead-acid battery will never pose a threat of spilling acid and thus causing any uncalled for situation and vehicle damage. And you can place this battery on any region of the car. And the low price tag is virtually a gift in exchange for so many high-end features.

4. Soundquest SQB2000 Power Car Audio Battery

To go in line with the customer feedbacks and reviews, you have to take it to be the modern audiophile car battery and a hot favorite with the music enthusiasts on the go. As you go on digging through the features and beside-the-basic sophistications in design and built, you will opine the same too.

This high power 12V audio battery is made of the premium quality materials and is armed with the components backed by high-end applications. This is a dry-cell battery facilitating you with the hassle of keeping a constant vigilance to maintain the water refilling.

And the sealed glass mat AGM technology has rendered this stereo-system powerhouse spill-proof, shock-resistant, and immune to vibration. It can store a fabulous amount of energy to let the sound system go loud with favorite hits a little bit after the engine starts.

It offers a low cold-cranking of 525 amps unlike the aforesaid car stereo batteries but not too negligent to rely on when encountered with a hostile situation. The leak-proof design is emphasized by the detachable brass connectors and you can store it any convenient place without the least care for any damage caused by spills.  

5. Odyssey 34-PC1500T Automobile Stereo Battery

Odyssey Automotive Audio battery shares all the advanced features and applications discussed through the course of the battery reviews covered until now. To mention a few major features are sealed glass mat design, deep-cycle dry-cell application, increased number of interior battery plates, and so on. As you are reading this review, you have already learned the benefits any battery will reap from one adorned with the said features.

So to free you from the repetitive descriptions and fatigue of reading through the same terminology, I am focusing on what makes it stand out from the able rivals.

It enjoys the dual power support to kickstart your sound system instantly and being deep-cycle one continues to provide with an electric surge for a longer period – practically a high-end car battery-feature. It also facilitates the car audio battery with a rapid recovery system that starts your car in lesser time than a dry-cell battery usually takes. This is a great gift indeed for the audiophiles and the automobiles. Besides, the quick recovery capacity, it offers faster full recharge as plates inside contributed to its enhanced charge-acceptance ability.

6. ACDelco Battery for Car Sound System

The characteristics ACDelco charge units and the benefits thereof are common to all other audio battery brands we have discussed above. So there too, I should have held a minimalist approach in the product description. But the uncommon phrasing in terminology used by ACDelco Automotive Battery requires some descriptions.

 The AGM design that resists leakage of the dry-cell power solutions is termed here to be the Vent Cap design. The silver calcium alloy acts as the positive lead or the cathode stand that has optimized both current conductivity and the performance.

It additionally strengthens the battery with internal low-resistance. This application strengthens the audio power backing with the puncture-resistance and enhanced acid-circulation supported by the ACDelco exclusive Robust Envelop Separator.

This feature is identical to the sealed cage used by other brands that keep the battery cool by reducing the heat to minimum and prevents shock. It applies a negative paste highly thick in composition that proves extremely emphatic to improve performance and extend battery life. So this one is also a worth-grabbing car audio power alternative for uninterrupted music moment. 

7. WPS Featherweight Lithium Battery for Musical Journey

WPS Featherweight has come with all the technical features and chemical applications that give the battery the ultimate protection from all kinds of spilling, maintenance, corrosions, and shocks. These are too common to all other brands to require going into detail of the designs and constructions. But the VRLA technology needs special mention that demarcated this car audio battery from the stock. This Valve-regulated Lead-acid battery is endowed with gel electrolyte chemical enabling it to fight spillage to the max level.

That technology along with the ultrahigh materials has made it the most suitable racing-compatible battery. It will observe shock of any terrain and speed with gel-filled instead of any other liquid. This is the reason it will superbly observe the shock and jerk more than other AGM designed models can.

There are other outstanding features stating that it weighs half to one-third of the regular batteries. The built-in LED test display shows you the charge status to recharge it if found drained near to nil. It can accept 90% of charge in an incredibly shortest span of just 6 minutes. Who will stop audiophiles to go for that hot-cake recharger that offers that plenty of stand-out features?

8. NPP 6V 200 Amp AGM Battery for Car Speakers

Audiophiles on the go should be backed by a car battery that features resistance to all the inconveniences an automobile power source may be a victim too. Interruption of any form and length is just a deal breaker in particularly listening music. NPP AGM car audio battery ensures you of all the features that will ably resist any disturbance and damage caused by rough weather, acid-spilling, chemical over-heating, the requirement of water refilling, and rough terrain shock.

From the reviews done on the above brands, it is pretty clear what are the technology, specification, and applications that may render the said benefits. But it needs special mention that the superior resistant power is the gift of the non-slippage ABS plastic cage.

9. Renogy Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Another car audio power application that comes with all the modern features and sophisticated designs ensure you a ceaseless music feat. It is featured with all that ensure a leak-proof, heat-resistant, weather-defiant, maintenance-free, high-performance, and durable car battery. It merits no further mention of the extremely identical features already covered to review other car stereo battery brands.

What you need to be aware of that you can go far away based on this off-grid and solar recharge battery even where electricity is a fairy tale. It can also be a support for your daily use. 

10. Universal AGM Battery 12V 24V 48V(Black)

Along with the common features like AGM technology, deep-cycle power delivery, and increased plates inside, it comes with higher than average power output capacity. The manufacturers offer as many as three Universal battery versions delivering 12V, 24V, and 48V power output. With a Universal installed in your car trunk, you can boast of the longest musical journey. 

You can even go on with competition loudspeaker system for an extended period even when you are off the car and the engine is stopped.

Factors Crucial to Make the Best Car Audio Battery Deal

You are reading this part of the article testifies the fact that you have gone through all the reviews above. You have gone deep through what the basic and advanced features, designs, and modern applications covered extensively in the first five product descriptions.   Now you can pretty well guess what your lookout should be while going for the ultimate action – buying the right car battery for your sound system.

The performance and durability are the most important factor to go for but these can only be tested through first-hand using. What you can consider at the purchase include the size that fits your car battery trunk, the most popular and admired brand, the manufacturing date to check the battery age, and the price of course. Let's elaborate briefly the critical buying factors.


The size of the intended battery for an automobile sound system should be in sync with the battery tray of your car. So when going for a car audio battery purchase, take the car user manual with you. In case of an online purchase, check and double check to select a matching size car power source. A misfit or a loose fit battery can cause damage to the car and the battery both.

Go Big about the Battery Brand

The battery being so critical a part of the car, you should not take chance in that case. It is evident by plenty of statistics that factory-preferred batteries show the minimal defects. So go for the default brand coming with the car whether it is to take a new one or going for a replacement. But if changing is necessary, go for the reputed brands that are reviewed in this article.

Battery Age

Car audio batteries are rechargeable power units and if kept uncharged for long they can go damaged or decayed partially. Check the manufacturing date and if it shows that it has passed around six months since the production, you should not go for it. So go only for manufacturers that put a label mentioning the birth date on the surface of the car.

Price of the Battery

Price of the car batteries depends on the type of the battery you have selected. There are two types of battery – starting unit and dry-cell unit. The former is a less performer and last longer while the later serves longer and last manifolds of charge life by one charge. And the dry-cell batteries are superior to the wet batteries by all aspects except starting the stereo system faster than the dry-cell. So check whether it is a dry cell or not while paying a hefty price.


How does a car audio battery work?

Car electronics are powered the time the car engine started. All the car accessories get the required surge of functional power from the car battery within seconds after car key is turned. So when the key is applied to kick off the engine, the battery is powered by a chemical energy. Within the instant, the chemical energy converts to electrical energy to empower all the accessories in the car.

What is reverse capacity?

The reverse capacity is the battery strength that keeps the car moving on and the stereo playing on, even when the alternator stops. Most of the car stereo batteries reviewed offer massive length of reverse capacity that ranges 100-150 minutes.

How far does car safety depend on the battery?

Over-used and abused batteries tend to develop a gas built-up that is very likely to explode causing serious damage and even human casualties. To avoid that, you should go for the AGM and VRLA designed batteries that use the minimum amount of H20 and are less likely to explode.


To write this article, we have conducted extensive research and spent long hours on videography, rummaging pages of authority sites, and thousands of customer reviews and feedbacks. Thus how, this rundown of top 10 selections has come into existence. We have found the performance, durability, and resistance to several power unit evils to be the preferred demands of the car stereo battery users.

So we have decided to come out with 10 best car batteries for extended stereo playing backed by AGM and VRLA technology. A common feature in the car batteries that will perform the best, last the longest battery life, and prevent the power-related hazards the ablest way possible.

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