The Best Bushcraft Knife (Reviews for 2018) | Featuring Top 5 Picks

Adventure and wild lover people should know about the bushcraft knife. The word "Bushcraft" is a skill and art of surviving. You can pick the best bushcraft knife as an essential tool for doing the various outdoor activity. A knife can save your life by many ways when you are out in the wild or in the isolated place.

There are many knives of different category and the bushcraft is one of them. You can use this knife to skinning an animal, to cut tree branches etc. You need the best one for optimal result. As there are many bushcraft knives available in the market its little bit hard to pick the appropriate one. By considering this, we have shortened the list and picked 5 top quality best knife for bushcraft and reviewed them in this article. Hope you will be able to choose a good bushcraft knife after reading this article.



Shipping Weight



Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife

0.02 pounds

2 x 2 x 10 inches

Spyderco Bushcraft G-10

15.2 ounces

12.8 x 3.8 x 2 inches

Benchmade - Bushcrafter 162

12.8 ounces

11 x 3 x 2 inches

Buck Knives 0863BRS SELKIRK

12.6 ounces

6 x 1 x 1 inches

Ontario SK-5 Blackbird

12 ounces

8 x 4 x 2 inches

Top 5 Bushcraft Knife Reviews:

[1] Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife:

Product Features:

  • Morakniv Bushcraft comes with a durable blade that is made of high carbon steel;
  • Comes with a comfortable and ergonomic handle;
  • You will get a Plastic sheath with the Morakniv Bushcraft knife;

If you want to buy a high quality but affordable bushcraft knife then Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife is the one you can buy without any hesitation. This knife is made by a good and reputed brand named Morakniv. 

The price of this knife is very fair but has outstanding features. You will get a sheath with it and you can keep the knife securely in the sheath. The handle is an important thing of a knife and at this point, Morakniv bushcraft knife done well, it comes with a plastic handle that is not so good looking but quality full. The blade of this knife is very sharp and durable, made of high carbon steel. This knife will definitely attract you.


  • High carbon fixed blade;
  • Plastic handle;
  • Lightweight and durable.


  • Sheath quality could be improved.

[2] Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 PlainEdge Knife:

Product Features:

  • This is a high-quality bushcraft knife comes with a high-quality 4-inch carbon blade;
  •  The duribility and the quality of this knife is tested;
  • This is full tang plain edge knife that comes with a leather sheath;

Spyderco Bushcraft is a popular bushcraft knife that is made by popular fixed blade manufacturer Spyderco. If you want a bushcraft knife that made by using high quality and top material then Spyderco Bushcraft is the one you are looking for. You don't have to worry about the quality of this knife as the quality and duribility of this knife is tested. It has a four-inch blade that has Scandinavian grind. 

This bushcraft knife comes with a sheath and the blade of it made by using high carbon. The handle of this bushcraft is also well made and comfortable. This knife is highly recommended from all perspective.


  • Plain edge, drop point blade;
  • G10 handle material;
  • High-quality carbon steel blade material.


  • No noticeable cons.

[3] Benchmade - Bushcrafter 162 Knife:

Product Features:

  • The blade of this knife is 4.43 inch, not long as well not small;
  • Drop point style stainless steel blade;
  • This is a reliable and durable bushcraft knife that is made in USA;

Benchmade Bushcrafter Knife is a top quality bushcraft knife that comes with tremendous features. The blade of this knife is made of quality stainless steel. The handle of this knife is very well made. The G10 handle offers very good grip and provides awesome result even in high temperature. 

The blade of this knife is very sharp and the style of this blade is drop-point style. The s30v stainless steel blade is very sharp and durable, moreover, the knife is made in the USA that ensures its quality and duribility. Though the knife is little costly, if you want a high quality and reliable bushcraft knife then you can purchase this knife without any hesitation.


  • This knife has drop point style blade;
  • The blade is made of high-quality premium stainless steel;
  • This knife has contoured G10 handle.


  • The sheath that comes with this knife is  insecure.

[4] Buck Knives 0863BRS SELKIRK Fixed Blade:

Product Features:

  • This knife comes with high-quality razor-sharp blade;
  • The handle of this knife is very well designed;
  • You will get a molded nylon sheath with this knife;

This bushcraft knife is made by renowned knife manufacturer Buck  Knives. Buck Knives Selkirk is a fair priced and high-quality knife. This knife comes with a razor sharp blade. The handle of this knife is very high quality and comfortable. The handle will provide you a secure grip. 

The blade of this knife is corrosion resistant and has good edge retention. You will get an integrated whistle with this knife that can be used as alert when you are in danger. Besides these amazing features, this knife comes with a high-quality sheath that you can use to keep the knife safely when you are not using it.


  • Comes with high-quality injection molded nylon sheath;
  • High-quality micarta handle;
  • Corrosion resistant blade.


  • Problem on sheath hanger.

[5] Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife:

Product Features:

  • Ontario SK-5 Blackbird comes with spear point blade;
  • Multiple handles color and blade color;
  • Molle compatible nylon sheath;

Ontario SK-5 Blackbird is a durable and well-designed bushcraft knife. The blade quality is awesome as the blade is made in America. Very sturdy and sharp blade that made using high-quality stainless steel. G10 plastic handle that will provide excellent grip and control. Mirror blade finish and plain edge. 

You can buy this knife without any hesitation. As there are multiple handles and blade color to choose, you can pick your favorite color. Overall this knife is very good for the money you are spending on it.


  • Comes with 154 CM Stainless steel blade;
  • This knife comes with Spear point blade;
  • Nylon sheath and G10 handle material.


  • Questionable sheath quality.

Things to Consider to Choose A Good Bushcraft Knife:

In this part, we will cover the things that you should consider when you are purchasing a bushcraft knife. All the bushcraft knife is almost same but the quality of them are not equal. So to know what makes a bushcraft better than other, read this guide and choose the perfect knife.

First of all the size of the blade is considerable. Few things depend on the blade size. If you choose a bushcraft knife that has a smaller blade will look portable and handy. But if you want to do the heavy task with the knife you should go with a larger blade. So to get the best output from your bushcraft knife, you should choose a knife that has a blade of optimal size, means not so large not so small.

The design of the blade of the bushcraft knife is also an important thing. There are type of blades design mainly available, some have flat grind. You should choose a blade design that can be used in the various task. In bushcraft knife, drop point and spear point are counts as main points.

The knife you are purchasing has a blade, and the blade is the main part that you will use to do the task. If the blade is not sharp enough then you will not be able to do the hard or heavy task with it. So always choose a bushcraft knife that comes with a sharp and strong blade and that can be easily sharpened.

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The handle of the knife is a really important thing, no different with the bushcraft knife. The handle is the part that allows you to hold the knife to do the task. Without a good quality and comfortable handle, you will not be able to do or use the knife comfortably. There is a new type of handle found in bushcraft knife, they are, wood. rubber, plastic, micarta etc.

Final Verdict:

You may face difficulties to choose the best bushcraft knife as there are lots of products available in the market. But if you read this article that includes a buying guide and proper review of top products then you can easily choose a perfect knife very easily. Just look at the things that you should consider and do research to get the best one. We recommend you to think about the field of use, mean where you will use the knife and what type of task you will do with it. You can pick a bushcraft knife from the list that we have reviewed in this article. They are good in quality and has outstanding features. Also, you can pick multiple from them and compare with each other by their feature and price to make the final choice.

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