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Are you looking for the best bowie knife? If the answer is yes knife then you are at the right place. A Bowie knife is knife named by James Bowie. Bowie knife is not so long, very portable. You can use this robust knife on various purpose like camping, hunting etc. But first of all, you need a good quality bowie knife, because a low-quality knife is nothing but useless.

But choosing a high-quality knife is not so easy as there are too many Bowie knives available. But don't worry about it! In this article, we have selected and reviewed the 5 top Bowie knives and added a buying guide that will help you to choose a perfect knife. 



Shipping Weight



Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman

1.4 pounds

10 x 0.5 x 1.5 inches

Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie

1.8 pounds

16 x 4.8 x 2.6 inches

Schrade SCHF45 Leroy Full Tang

2.8 pounds

18.5 x 4.5 x 1.8 inches

Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider

2.1 pounds

18 x 3 x 2 inches

ESEE Junglas Blade

2.2 pounds

9 x 1 x 2 inches

Top 5 Bowie Knife Reviews

[1] Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife

Outstanding Features:

  • Buck Knives 124 comes with combined finger guard;
  • Smart design and comes with a leather sheath;
  • The blade of this bowie made of high-quality material and it is razor sharp and corrosion resistant;

Product Description:

Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman is a well designed and durable bowie knife. This knife is made of strong 420HC steel. 

The blade of this knife is very sharp and enduring. The blade of this knife is corrosion resistance and it has good edge retention. You will get a good leather sheath with thing bowie knife. Also, the handle of this knife is so good and comfortable. The handle will give you excellent grip when you do any task with this knife. This is a full tang bowie, you can use it on various activity like camping, hunting etc. So if this bowie knife meets your needs and budget then you can go for it.


  • The blade of this knife is Razor sharp;
  • Comfortable handle for better grip;
  • Durable and high-quality construction;


  • Leather sheath is not so high quality;

[2] Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

Outstanding Features:

  • Durable 1095 Cro-Van steel made blade with 20-degree edge angle;
  • Full tang bowie knife and nylon sheath;
  • Very handy, durable, and well designed;

Product Description:

Ka-Bar Becker BK9 is an excellent Bowie knife that has tons of features and outstanding look.

 It has high quality and durable 1095 cro-van steel blade that is very sharp as well. Its grivory handle will fit in your hand very easily. You can purchase this Bowie knife without any confusion of its quality because the quality and durability are tested. This knife is very easy to sharpen when the blade of it get dull. The edge of the blade of this knife has a flat grind and coated using black powder. You can rely on this knife without any hesitation and this is a durable and top quality Bowie knife that you can purchase.


  • Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie comes with a sharp and durable blade;
  • High quality and durable bowie knife;
  • Lightweight and comes with an Ergonomic handle;


  • The handle of this bowie knife is slippery;

[3] Schrade SCHF45 Leroy Full Tang Bowie

Outstanding Features:

  • Schrade SCHF45 bowie knife comes with finger guard and choil;
  • It has comfortable TPE handle slabs with finger grooves;
  • The blade of Schrade SCHF45 Leroy Full Tang Bowie is very sharp and durable;

Product Description:

If you are looking for a comfortable, sharp, and durable bowie knife then Schrade SCHF45 Leroy Full Tang Bowie is the one you are looking for.

Its titanium coated high carbon steel blade is very sharp and durable. Also, the steel used to build the blade of this bowie is stainless. This knife will easily fit on hands and feel very comfortable. You can use this sharp and strong knie on any mid or heavy task. As it builds by using high-quality materials, it will last a long time with good performance. This outstanding bowie knife is worth of every penny that you spend.


  • High carbon stainless steel blade with titanium coating;
  • This Bowie comes with nylon belt sheath;
  • This bowie knife is durable and comfortable;


  • Seems little bit heavy;

[4] Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie

Outstanding Features:

  • Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie comes with a shock absorbing comfortable handle;
  • This bowie knife has full tang 1095 carbon steel blade;
  • It has finger grooves for better and secure grip;

Product Description:

Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie comes with some amazing features that will blow your mind. Its carbon steel made high-quality sharp blade is very sturdy. The blade designed with the full tang and used 1095 carbon steel. Comfortability is a major question of Bowie or any other knife. Becuase without holding properly, you will not be able to use it with ease. This knife has a comfortable handle that has shock absorb feature. Also at the time, when you are not using the knife, you need a cover/ sheath for it.Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie comes with a good quality sheath also. So overall this bowie knife is a dependable and good performer knife from any prospect.


  • High quality and robust built;
  • High edge retention;
  • Comes with a leather sheath;


  • The quality of the sheath of this bowie knife could be developed;

[5] ESEE Junglas Blade with Kydex Sheath

Outstanding Features:

  • USA Made durable bowie knife with a 10 3/8" inches blade;
  • The blade's cutting edge is surrounded with laser engraved;
  • Made of 1095 High carbon that added extra strength to the blade;

Product Description:

ESEE Junglas is a good quality bowie knife that comes with drop point blade made of high carbon steel. The edge of the knife is very easy to sharpen. It's a full tang bowie knife. 

This bowie knife comes with a handle that is easily removable. It also comes with a sturdy sheath. This is definitely a high quality and durable bowie knife that you can purchase. Though the price of this knife is higher than usual according to its features but its overall good performer. If this ESEE Junglas Blade with Kydex Sheath bowie knife meets your needs and budget then you can go for it


  • Extremely sharp blade;
  • Comes with durable sheath;
  • Comfortable handle made of gray Micarta;


  • The price is little bit higher;

Things to Consider When Choosing A Bowie Knife:

When you are choosing a bowie knife you should consider few things. There is no significant difference between two bowie knife. But you have to be aware of few factor to get the best bowie knife. We have discussed the factors below.

First of all, you have to concentrate on the blade of the bowie knife. The blade of the knife must be sharp as the razor and made of quality steel. Nowadays most of the Bowie knives use carbon steel as blade material and they are really good. So when you are picking, go for one that's blade made of carbon steel.

Best Bowie Knife Reviews

The Tang is an important part of the bowie knife that you should consider when you are purchasing. The tang is the element that connects the handle with the blade. You must go for the knife with full tang.

The handle of the bowie knife is an important factor to consider. Without holding the knife comfortably, you will not be able to use it properly. So you have to be conscious about the handle material and design of the knife when you are buying a bowie knife.

The size of the blade is an important thing. At this point, you have to decide the blade size because it depends on where and for what you will use it. A bowie knife with a smaller blade will give you much better precision, on the other hand, a larger blade will help you to do the heavy task much easier.

best bowie knife selections

The weight of the bowie knife is also an important thing to consider. A heavier knife is required to do mid to heavy work perfectly. But keep in mind don't choose one that is too much heavy.

Finally, the cost of the knife is considerable. The features and quality of the bowie knife vary according to the price. So now just fix a budget and buy a bowie knife according to your needs.


Choosing the best bowie knife should be much easier for you now. Because after reading this article, now you know what to consider when choosing a bowie knife. It depends on where you are intending to use the knife and what type of task you will do. No more words to say here just a thing, choose a full tang and sharp, durable bowie knife according to your budget. And consider the factors that we discussed above, that all.

But if you don't want to do own research or have any confusion in mind then you can choose a knife from our reviewed products. All of them are great in quality and has outstanding features, super sharp blade, and duribility. You can choose one from them without any doubt.

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