The Best Bow Stabilizer for Hunting | Top 5 Selection & Compared (2018)

If you want to achieve better accuracy, stability, and balance with the bow then you should use the best bow stabilizer. If you are beginner level archer and using compound bows for example then a good stabilizer will give you outstanding output. You can add various accessories in the compound bow and they will help you to hit the target more precisely.

But without the best bow stabilizer for accuracy, you will not better result from it. As there are lots of bow stabilizer available out there, it’s a bit difficult to choose the correct product.

By considering this, I’ve written this article with a detail buying guideline and specification of top 5 best bow stabilizer for hunting. I hope that after reading this article you will be able to choose the right stabilizer.



Shipping Weight



Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

1 pounds

2 Size

NAP Apache Bow Stabilizer

6.4 ounces

1 Size

Bee Stinger Xtreme Stabilizer

12 ounces

3 Size

LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer

6.4 ounces

1 Size

Bee Stinger Maxx Stabilizer

2qty 4 ounce & 1 qty 2 oz

3 Size

Top 5 Wakeboard Tower Speakers Reviews:

[1] Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer:

Product Features:

  • Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer comes with soft-touch coating that reduces the vibration;
  • It can absorb shock and the weight of it is light;
  • Comes with braided wrist sling, unique design for easy air passes;

Product Description:

Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer is high quality, popular and reliable bow stabilizer that you can purchase with full of trust. This stabilizer made by Trophy Ridge and this brand is trustable for bow accessories. The price of this stabilizer is also affordable. Made of high-quality light weight material. Ballistix copolymer system made is lighter than other without reducing the duribility and strength.

Its unique design allows the air to passes through. You can easily customize the weight of it as it comes with two customizable weights, this will also help you to maintain the balance of it. From multiple perspectives, Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer is a great bow stabilizer for hunting and other kinds of stuff.


  • It has two customizable weights;
  • Suitable length for the hunters;
  • CoPolymer system for durability.


  • This bow stabilizer is little bit light;

[2] NAP Apache Bow Stabilizer:

Product Features:

  • It has removable carbon fiber rod that helps to balance the bow;
  • It's an 8 inches little bit longer bow stabilizer that is made of proprietary dampening material;
  • The length of this bow stabilizer is excellent and can be customized;

NAP Apache Bow Stabilizer is a high-quality stabilizer that is great for hunters. This stabilizer made of solid material and it uses proprietary dampening mate rails. The dampening mate rails reduce the vibration and noise. The entire length of this bow stabilizer is 8 inches that can be reduced by removing the extended down. 

To get better result you may need to adjust the weight, in this case, NAP Apache Bow Stabilizer has done very well. You can easily adjust the weight for better balance. It reduces noise and vibration amazingly that made it more suitable for the hunter.Also, it comes in two color options. You can be sure that if you buy this bow stabilizer you will be great output from it.


  • This bow stabilizer reduce the vibration and noise greatly;
  • The weight is easily adjustable;
  •  Solid construction.


  • Have some complain that the front is little heavy;

[3] Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer:

Product Features:

  • The installation and removing of this bow stabilizer is very easy and fast;
  • This bow stabilizer feature 100% carbon rod with SIMS internal harmonic dampener;
  • Excellent noise and vibration reduction;

Product Description:

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer is an outstanding bow stabilizer that comes with great features and made of high-quality material. The overall length is 12 inches. This bow stabilizer is known and designed for excellent noise and vibration reduction. It comes with sims internal harmonic dampener that helps to absorb much vibration.

Though the length this bow is not so suitable for most bow hunter this is a quality bow stabilizer without any confusion. You can easily adjust the weight, removal, and installation of this stabilizer is fast and easy. Comes with powder-coated end caps and stainless steel mounting bolts. If you have a decent budget and don't want to compromise about the quality then you can go with this bow stabilizer.


  • The weight of this bow stabilizer is easily adjustable;
  • High quality and sturdy;
  • Comes with De-resonator.


  • No noticeable cons;

[5] Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer:

Product Features:

  • Solid carbon rod construction with Sims de resonator;
  • Its maximum moi reduce bow torque and enhance the shot control, the weight of it is also adjustable;
  • Available in multiple sizes and this bow stabilizer reduce the noise and vibration using sims internal harmonic dampener;

Product Description:

Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer is another bow stabilizer made by Bee Stringer that is high quality and durable. It features the rigid 100% carbon rod like the previous stabilizer made by bee Stringer discussed in this article. You will get superb accuracy with this stabilizer that uses using smart carbon technology.

It also has sims internal harmonic dampener to reduce the vibration. You can easily customize the weight of it. There are two size options available for you, you can purchase in 8 inches or another available length. This is obviously a high quality and reliable bow stabilizer for hunting.


  • Comes in various color options;
  • The price of this bow stabilizer is affordable;
  • Very easy to install.


  • No noticeable cons;

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can a bow stabilizer help me with accuracy?

Ans: Yes it can. But for this, you need a longer stabilizer, not a shorter model.

Q: What size stabilizer is perfect for bow hunting?

Ans: For bow hunting in the woods, you need a mid-sized stabilizer. You can choose one of 5”- 8” length and 4- 7-ounce weight. This can give you the performance you need.

Q: Do I need a stabilizer for bowhunting?

Ans: That’s really a personal choice. Professional archer can shoot with or without any stabilizer. But a stabilizer adds forward weight to your compound bow so that you’ll be able to stay to your target.

How to Choose  Best Bow Stabilizer for Hunting:

To get the perfect bow stabilizer from the huge amount of products you have to be a little bit tricky and have to consider few factors. In this part, we have discussed those factors, take a deep look at these considerable factors and choose the best bowhunting stabilizer. The weight of the bow stabilizer is a key factor that you must have to consider.

  • The weight of the bow stabilizer enhances the stability and comfortable grip. It will also reduce the vibrations. But don't choose a bow stabilizer that is too heavy or too light.
  • You should think about the size of the bow stabilizer. Without the right size, you will not get better output from it. Choose the size according to your using purpose, for instance, If you are buying the stabilizer for Archery then the size should be different from a stabilizer that targeted for bowhunting.
  • Think about the stabilizer material when you are purchasing one. The performance of the stabilizer can be poor if they are made of low-quality material. A bow stabilizer reduces the vibrations, choose a bow stabilizer for hunting that has good damping level.
  • Always choose a product of good and reputed brand. Because people have trust in the famous and reputed brand and the manufacturer don't want to reduce their fame by making a bad bow stabilizer.
  • The length of the bow stabilizer for hunting is an important factor to consider when you are purchasing. You will get much more benefit if you use a shorter length bow stabilizer.
  • Finally, think about the cost of the bow stabilizer. The cost varies from product to product. So set a budget and get the product by doing proper research.

Final Words:

So I’ve discussed the important factors that you should consider when you choose a bow stabilizer for hunting in this article above. I hope that now you know that which one is the best bow stabilizer for target shooting.

You must choose a stabilizer that you are comfortable with. Look for the features that you want to have on the stabilizer, also think about the weight, durability of it before buying one. There is various bow stabilizer available you can research about them and choose one. You can also compare products from our guideline to your need. They are really good quality bow stabilizer for hunting that will give you good output without paying a big amount of money.

I think you’ll be happy after using them! So give it a try and let us know about your experience.

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