5 Best Boots for Elk Hunting Review (2018) | How to Choose Yours

To have a good concentration on your elk hunting trip, you will need every essential elements with you. You will need your hunting tools and for your security, you will need your jacket, safety goggles, your hat, gloves and most importantly you will need to wear your elk hunting boots. And for the best protection of your feet, you need to put on the best boots for elk hunting.

When hunting your feet are the most targeted part of your body where you can get hurt easily. So, you have to give extra protection to your feet. Otherwise, you will hurt your feet and your hunting trip will turn into a failure and you will have to return home empty handed. (Updated on: 9th July, 2018.)

Will it be a matter of greatness? No, it won’t. So, Don’t forget to wear a pair of elk hunting boot before going out.






Danner Men's Mossy Oak 400G

4 pounds

12 x 8 x 4 inches 

Editor's Choice

LaCrosse Men’s AeroHead

6 pounds

12 x 8 x 4 inches

Irish Setter Men's 3859

2 pounds

12 x 8 x 4 inches

Lowa Men's Tibet GTX

2 pounds

12 x 8 x 4 inches

Irish Setter Men's 2863

5 pounds

12 x 8 x 4 inches

Top Rated Elk Hunting Boot Reviews for 2018

[1] Danner Men's High Ground 8 Mossy Oak 400G Hunting Boot

Leather boot is great, but you can’t proceed to buy them because you think they are heavy. Then The Danner Men’s High Ground 8 Mossy Oak 400G Hunting Boots will prove you wrong.

The boots are lightweight. They are made of leather and have a rubber sole that offers an excellent traction in the long run. The boots are ideal for speed hunter as they offer you a fast speed.

The long lasting Nubuck leather and 900 Denier nylon upper make the boots lightweight and durable. The Gore-Tex lining makes the boots waterproof and keeps your feet protected from the water. The insulator keeps your feet warm.

The boots give you a good fit that ensures comfort for the long use. The ankle support is good and the aggressive tread provides an excellent grip. The Camo and the logo are embroidered on tongue give a unique look to the boots.

Overall, you get waterproof, lightweight, warm and comfortable hunting boots for the affordable price.

Things We Liked

  • Waterproof;
  • Lightweight and breathable;
  • Fits perfectly and provide extra comfort even for long distance;
  • Excellent traction and grip;
  • Great ankle support;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Runs a bit narrow;

[2] LaCrosse Men’s AeroHead 18” 3.5mm Hunting Boot

The LaCrosse Men’s AeroHead 18” 3.5mm Hunting Boots is the best choice for short budget and less conventional hunters. The boots are made of Neoprene that keep your feet warm all the time.The waterproof upper provide full waterproofness. The moisture-wicking lining makes prevent moisture remaining near your feet either.

The rubber sole provides excellent traction. The boots are lightweight and flexible which give you fast and comfortable walk. Also, ensure heavy use.

Editor's Choice

The thick cushion layer underfoot provides more comfort. The rugged rubber outsole makes the boots perfect for the elk hunting.

Rubber Protective Coating on seams ensures quick drying. The ankle-fit design keeps the heel in place which helps to avoid excess rubbing and chafing. It can be fit to all size of legs as it has adjustable back gusset and strap.

Overall, it is one of the best boots for elk hunting in the low budget range.

Things We Liked

  • The boots are lightweight;
  • Verry much flexible but still able to manage heavy use;
  • They are comfortable and keep your feet always warm;
  • Fully waterproof;
  • Adjustable size fits all size of legs;
  • Provides good arch support;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Don’t have long lusting guaranty;
  • They run a bit small, so you should go up a size;

[3] Irish Setter Men's 3859 Shadow Trek WP 800 Gram 9"

If you want your hunting boots to keep your feet warm and make you feel comfortable without adding too much weight on your feet, then you should go for nothing but The Irish Setter Men’s 3859 Shadow Trek WP 800 Gram 9″ Big Game Boots.

These boots are made of fabric and come with a rubber sole. These lace-up boots have an adjustable circumstance that ensures a better fit.

The boots have Gore-Tex that provides the complete waterproof feature. The 800g Thinsulate insulator offers extra warmth and comfort. The boots can be used in any season.

The Carbon rubber sole provides a good traction and the Camo-wrapped EVA midsole provides support. The same goes for the welded TPU mid foot and steel shank. The fabric-covered EVA cushion foot bed also makes the boots comfy. The lightweight boots take a very little time to put on.

You will get what you paid for. Your money will be a great investment.

Things We Liked

  • Lightweight and comfortable boots;
  • Waterproof, breathable and durable boots;
  • Comes with good ankle support;
  • The traction is good enough;
  • Well made boots last for a long time;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Cushioning is not enough;

[4] Lowa Men's Tibet GTX Trekking Boot

The Lowa Men’s Tibet GTX Trekking Boot is another best elk hunting boots for the hunters. They give you both freedom of movement and excellent stability.

The boots are made of leather. They have a long lasting waterproof Gore-Tex lining.The injected PU midsole and the stabilizer give the underfoot support for long time use. 

The Climate Control perforated lining keeps under control moisture and heat in control. The Gore-Tex lining adds more comfort.

The Vibram outsole is rugged and ensures heavy use. The flexible ankle gives extra comfort. The non-slipping lacing system and the full-length rubber and ensure protection for the foot in rocky terrains.

The toe room is wide, for more comfort on the walk. They are a good fit in your leg and don't get too warm in summer.

Things We Liked

  • The boots are 100% waterproof;
  • Heavy use boots;
  • Comfortable even for long use;
  • The boots are not insulated, but still, have enough room for cotton socks;
  • Comes with great ankle support;
  • The traction is good enough;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Comparatively heavy;
  • Price is a little bit higher;

[5] Swhacker Set of 3 Crossbow 100 Grain 1.75 Inch Cut Broadhead

The Irish Setter Men’s 2863 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8″ Hunting Boots feature full grain leather upper and textile that make the pair a good one. The RPM technology used on the boots makes them 40% lighter than other boots.

The boots use armored leather in the toe and heel to prevent them from breakdowns that make them durable also. The UltraDry technology keeps your feet dry all the time no matter how rainy it gets outside.

The boots have a solid construction. They give a snug fit. They take very little time to break in and are very much durable.

Things We Liked

  • Comfortable, lightweight boots;
  • The boots are well made;
  • Thake very little time to break in;
  • The boots keep your feet dry;
  • They are waterproof;
  • Come with wick-moisture lining;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The boots run a bit narrow so if you want to thick socks, you need to go up a size;
  • The lacing system is a bit complicated;

Why Needs the Perfect Boots for Elk Hunting

Hunting is a trip that is full of adventure. A successful hunting doesn’t only depend on how much expert you are but also depends on what elements you carry with yourself and how comfortable you are with them. There is some significant reason why I recommend you to choose the best boots for elk hunting.

  • Gives outstanding results on the ridges;
  • Breathable design that actually let the feet breathe;
  • Fully waterproof;
  • Ideal for running and hiking;
  • Insulation to protect from severity of weather;
  • Provides traction which any other shoes don’t have;
  • Antibacterial quality;
  • Extremely Lightweight;

How We Select Right Type (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Boots are a very useful element for hunting. You must wear elk hunting boots before going out for elk hunting. So, what are the best boots for elk hunting?

Well, there are so many models available in the market. All of them are not equal. Among them, you have to find out the best one. But, how?

There is some important fact that you have to consider for choosing the best boots for elk hunting. Then you will be able to choose the best elk hunting boots.

1. Materials:

Material is the most important thing you have a look for before buying elk hunting boots as the durability and quality depend on the materials. Elk hunting boots are available in leather, rubber, nylon, etc. Each of the material has its own features.

Leather: Leather is the most favorite materials for hunting boots because of its durability. It will provide you service for a lifetime and as long as it stands it remains waterproof.

Rubber: Rubber is the best option for repelling water. Generally, it is used for the soles of the boots. Entirely rubber made boots are inflexible, but they offer great protection.

Nylon: Nylon is extremely durable and is very lightweight. It can resist water and also allows for optimal ventilation. Boots with nylon mesh are very light and flexible. It is affordable.

Gore-Tex: This material is advanced, and it provides all the benefits of nylon. It also offers insulation that nylon does not. The material is widely used in the upper parts of many boots. It is also used as an insulator. It is completely waterproof.

2. Weather:

Weather is another important fact that you have to take into account. You can’t wear the same boots in all kind of weather. Different weather requires a different type of boots. If you are in cool weather than you need boots that will keep your feet warm. On the other hand, in hot weather, you would like to wear boots that will keep your feet cool. And in all weather, you would like to get a waterproof feature in your boots.

So, at first, make sure in which whether you are going out for hunting, then decide what hunting boots will match you most.

3. Physical Activity:

Also, think about the physical activity. You have to choose elk hunting boots that will match with your physical condition. If it involves a constant movement (high blood circulation), you need footwear with less insulation and vice versa.

4. Height:

Height is another important factor. The minimum height I recommend for you is 8 inches. If your boot height is lower than that, then it won’t give you the perfect support you need for extended treks over rough terrain. Height is also important regarding winter condition and when you are crossing a river.

5. Fitness:

Fit is the most important thing from my point of view as you won’t feel easy wearing the boots if the don’t perfectly fit your feet. Each brand will fit you differently, with some being tall or short, or wide or narrow. That’s why I recommend you to put on the pair of boots in the store before you make the purchase. If you are ordering online, then you can order multiple pairs of elk hunting boots and then see which one fits best, return the other pairs. One more thing is to make your boots even better fit you have used them for some days. So, before going for hunting make sure of using the boots so that they can give you comfort.


All of the products reviewed above are good at their price, features and quality and all of them have a lot of positive reviews from the users. So you can choose any of them without any doubt. And which pair of boots are the best boots for elk hunting? I think now you can decide it yourself as you have read the whole article. So why are you waiting, choose one and go out for hunting.

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