The Best Boonie Hats Reviews | 5 Excellent Selections (2018)

Do you love camping, adventure or climbing? If your answer is positive, then this guide is absolutely for you.

When you go for hunting, camping, climbing, fishing or other outdoor activity, you need a perfect boonie hat which can assist you in that conditions. A comfortable boonie hat is really awesome because it protects you in some kinds of worse environmental condition.

A boonie hat is a hat, but it’s not like the others hat. It has some unique and additional features which have made the hat more helpful. These hats are mainly made for the outdoor travelers and survivors. These types of hats protect you in many ways. Such as, it helps to save you from the direct sunlight. It also saves your eye from the Ultra Violet ray. It works like a shade of your head. Sometimes it can also serve you in drizzling rainy condition. The hats are of various colors, models and shapes so that you can find it useful according to your work and choice.

There are many boonie hats in the market. So we are here to help you to find the perfect boonie hat for you. We’ve reviewed some of the best boonie hats among all available hats near you. We also included a quick buying guide so that you can find the perfect one easily.

What is Boonie Hat & Why It’s Important?

As I said before, the boonie hat isn’t like general hats. It has some special features. It’s made for save you from UV ray, sunlight, sands and even from shallow rain. They also come with different styles and colors so that they can perfectly match with your outfit. These hats are for hunters, climbers, outdoor travelers and the wild-life photographers.

A boonie hat is important because you surely need safety of your head and eyes while traveling outdoors. A boonie hat is also a sign of fashion along with the safety. People found it very useful while using.

The Best Boonie Hats Comparison - 2018






LETHMIK Boonie Hat

Comfy Polyester


KBETHOS Boonie Hat

55% Cotton / 45% Polyester


Outdoor Research Kids Hat

100% Nylon


Camo Coll Boonie Hat

100% polyester


OUTZIE Booney Hat

Thin cotton fabric


Top 5 Boonie Hats Reviews:

[1] LETHMIK Fishing Sun Boonie Hat:

Product Features:

  • 100% comfy polyester;
  • High quality;
  • Imported hat;

Product Description:

The LETHMIK boonie hat is one of the best boonie hats available in the market. This boonie hat is suitable for all kind of outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, climbing, adventure etc. so you can wear it everywhere.  This hat is made with 100% comfy polyester material. This is one of the super cool hats among all boonie hats including some awesome features and style.

This hat is very soft so you’ll find it comfortable. Besides that, it looks very beautiful. The hat is durable and lightweight too. It prevents the Ultra Violet ray of the sunlight perfectly and saves your neck, face and hair. You can also fold the hat with the wide brim for better use in the coverage of the sunlight. It has an adjustable wind rope and designed for remain in the right place in any condition even in windy days.

This boonie hat also crushable and features high quality craftsmanship. So you’re able to wear it with various styles.


  • One of the sizes fits most of the people;
  • Provides perfect sun protection;
  • It has a stylish design;
  • Made with high quality materials;
  • It contains adjustable chin drawstring;
  • It is crushable and foldable.


  • This hat doesn’t fit all.

[2] KBETHOS The Go-to Boonie Hat:

Product Features:

  • Made with cotton and polyester;
  • Adjustable drawstring;
  • Perfect for outdoor activities;

Product Description:

The KBETHOS boonie hat is simply great. This hat is fit with most people it is comfortable. Besides that, the hat is lightweight and durable too. It prevents the UV ray perfectly and saves your neck, face and hair from the damage. This is one of the stylish hats including some awesome features like 4 meshed of brass eyelets for the maximum air ventilation. So you get air flow through your hat which is an awesome feature.

You can also adjust the hat with the adjustable drawstring for better use in the coverage of the sunlight. This boonie hat is also crushable. So you’re able to wear the hat in various styles. This boonie hat is suitable for hiking, fishing, climbing, adventure etc. so if you want then you can wear it everywhere.  This hat is made with high quality polyester and cotton. It brings a new look and personality to you. It fits with you in any kind of outdoor condition.


  • This hat fit most of the people;
  • It is suitable for any kind of outdoor activity;
  • It’s made with high quality materials;
  • This hat has adjustable drawstring;
  • 4 meshed of brass eyelets for air ventilation.


  • This hat should be more stylish.

[3] Outdoor Research Kids Helios Sun Hat:

Product Features:

  • Made with Nylon;
  • Imported hat;
  • External adjustment;

Product Description:

The Outdoor Research Sun Hat is another amazing hat that you can get. If you want to enjoy the outdoors staying, then it is one of the most beautiful hats because it has the UPF 30 protection. This hat has a nice color and stylish design. It fits with you easily. The hat is an important hat so it adds extra smartness with you.

For better comfort, this hat has 100% nylon build material. The hat is suitable for any kind of outdoor work or trip. You can use it while fishing, climbing, hiking, traveling, or on the beach. There is an adjustable wide brim that allows you to adjust the hat to fit with your head. It also has an external drawcord adjustment system. This hat serves you for a long time with a great service. So you can use it worry-free mind.


  • The hat has a wide brim;
  • It is an imported hat;
  • It’s made with 100% nylon material;
  • It hasUPF 30 protections;
  • It contains external drawcord adjustment;
  • Comes with a stylish design.


  • It’s not suitable for washing machine wash.

[4] Camo Coll Outdoor UPF 50+ Boonie Hat:

Product Features:

  • 100% soft materials;
  • UPF 50+ sun protections;
  • Great for all outdoor activities;

Product Description:

If you like spending your time with outdoors activities, you understand the problem that you can get when your skin or hair are exposed to the sunlight. So you generally want to have a great outdoor time without causing your skin any kind of problems. In this situation, the Camo Coll boonie hat can be your solution. It has the awesome 50+ UPF protection which is pretty good. You get great sunlight coverage with the hat. It’s a perfect boonie hat for your face.

Therefore, this is a great hat with the 100% soft polyester build materials. So this hat ensures you a great comfort.  It has a very stylish design and amazing colors. It has adjustable drawstring so you can adjust it easily with your head. It generally fits most of the people. It is very useful hat against direct sunlight. This hat is fit for hiking, wildlife photography, adventure, fishing or other outdoor trips.


  • The hat made with soft polyester;
  • It has a great UPF 50+ protection;
  • Contains adjustable drawstring;
  • It has a very stylish design;
  • It fits most of the people;
  • 7.5 inch inner & 13.5 inch outer diameter.


  • People with large head find this tight.

[5] OUTZIE Wide Brim Packable Booney Sun Hat:

Product Features:

  • Come with 3 different sizes;
  • Wide brim to set position in sunny days;
  • Washable & quick drying capability;

Product Description:

The OUTZIE Wide Brim hat provides you comfort with the maximum Ultra-Violet ray protection. So you can save your skin or hair with the powerful protection of this hat. This hat is beautiful as well as lightweight. Though it fit with most people, it has 3 different sizes for better fitness. They are Medium, Large and Extra Large. You may find the one which fits you most.

The wide brim allows you to keep the hat fit with your head in any condition. This hat is great for travel because it is foldable and has an included nylon carrying bag. The high quality of the build material of cool and lightweight cotton has made the hat more adorable. The hat always looks smart and stylish.

The amazing thing is that the boonie hat is washable and it can be dried in a quick time.

The hat has an awesome look so it can be the perfect company of you during your outdoor activities.


  • The hat made with 100% cotton;
  • It has a great UV protection;
  • This hat comes with 3 shapes;
  • It has a wide brim which helps to adjust as desired;
  • It’s made with lightweight & cool cotton;
  • Included nylon travel bag;
  • The hat is very comfortable.


  • It isn’t fit for all kinds of people.

How to Find the Best Boonie Hat:

If you want to buy a best boonie hat, then you must have to consider some features to find out the best one. Follow this guide; it surely will help you much.


First of all, you need to give priority to the comfort. If you buy a hat without comfort it’ll surely waste your money. That’s because you have to use the hat in the whole outdoor trip. If it doesn’t fit with you and you feel uncomfortable, then you’ll feel uneasy all day long of your trip. So you must choose a hat which has the maximum comfort and fit with you. If you select the comfortable one, then it’ll be really awesome for your outdoor trips.

Ultra Violet (UV) Protection:

Yes, it is the main reason why you need the hat. When you’re on an outdoor trip, especially in a sunny day, the UV ray of the sunlight can be the cause of your skin damage or hair damage or other skin related damages. So, the UV ray protective cloths like the boonie hat can be the perfect solution for the problems. So always choose a hat with the higher UPF protections. It will surely provide you a better Ultra Violet ray protection. So you don’t need to worry about.


Do you want to buy a boonie hat for one time use? Of course not. So select a hat with the long lasting performance. It your hat crushes, then the hat is not durable. It’s one kind of money wasting. So your hat can be destroyed very easily. It’s a fool idea to choose a hat which is not durable. So spend a little much money to find the durable bonnie hat so that it can serve you in the long run. A durable hat also saves your money.

You also need to look after the breathability of your hat. Because you have to you the hat all day, you may face the problem of excess heat in your hat. So choose one which has the air flow capability so that it can pass air through the hat and can keep your head cool and calm. If the hat isn’t breathable, the heat will disturb you and make you feel very messy. It also cause the hair fall because of excess heat.


Nowadays, boonie hats are very familiar and common. They are able to provide the best protections against Ultra Violet light along with the other benefits, even the hats also used in military, other services or by the civilians. The hats come with various camouflage color, models and patterns. So you only need to pick one according to your situation. If you want to buy a bonnie hat, then you have got the review very useful and also the buying guide.

If you are a real outdoorsman, then there is no doubt that you’ll find the usefulness of the hat. These hats are comfortable, affordable, durable and the most important thing is they ensure the best sun light protection.

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