10 Best Baitcasting Reels 2021 (Every Budget)

baitcasting reels

Baitcasting reel is an amazing fishing gear for a modern angler. Novice or expert, anyone can use these reels with proper practice. You can use your baitcaster for a wide range fishing. Once you’ve become an expert, you’ll find that it allows you more accuracy than a spinning reel.

A fisherman's casting reels could be the first principle for fishing. Because, without a good baitcasting, no one feels comfortable and don’t get enough fish while fishing. There are different types of Baitcasting reels available on market. Don’t know which one will be best for you? There are always the superior brands and casting reels aren’t any different. Quality fishing equipment makes fishing more enjoyable.

In this Buying guide, I’ve discussed 10 best baitcasting reel for beginners and as well as for experts and almost every detail you should know for choosing the best reels.

Comparison Chart of Editor's Picks

Overall Best
KastKing Royale Legend/Whitemax Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel – 11 +1 Shielded Bearings, 17.5 Lb Carbon Fiber...
Abu Garcia, Revo Rocket Low Profile Casting Reel, 10.1:1 Gear Ratio, 11 Bearings, 41" Retrieve Rate, Right Hand
Fishdrops Korean Technology LB200 Baitcasting Reel 18 Ball Bearings Carp Fishing Gear Left Right Hand Bait Casting...
PENN Fishing SQL30LW Squall LevelWind , Black, 370yd/30Lb
Shimano Citica 200I HG Right Hand Baitcast Fishing Reel, CI200IHG
KastKing Spartacus Baitcasting Fishing Reel,Rocket Red,Right Handed Reel
KastKing Royale Legend/Whitemax Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel – 11 +1 Shielded Bearings, 17.5 Lb Carbon Fiber...
Abu Garcia, Revo Rocket Low Profile Casting Reel, 10.1:1 Gear Ratio, 11 Bearings, 41" Retrieve Rate, Right Hand
Fishdrops Korean Technology LB200 Baitcasting Reel 18 Ball Bearings Carp Fishing Gear Left Right Hand Bait Casting...
PENN Fishing SQL30LW Squall LevelWind , Black, 370yd/30Lb
Shimano Citica 200I HG Right Hand Baitcast Fishing Reel, CI200IHG
KastKing Spartacus Baitcasting Fishing Reel,Rocket Red,Right Handed Reel
Star Rating
Prime Status
Overall Best
KastKing Royale Legend/Whitemax Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel – 11 +1 Shielded Bearings, 17.5 Lb Carbon Fiber...
KastKing Royale Legend/Whitemax Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel – 11 +1 Shielded Bearings, 17.5 Lb Carbon Fiber...
Star Rating
Prime Status
Abu Garcia, Revo Rocket Low Profile Casting Reel, 10.1:1 Gear Ratio, 11 Bearings, 41" Retrieve Rate, Right Hand
Abu Garcia, Revo Rocket Low Profile Casting Reel, 10.1:1 Gear Ratio, 11 Bearings, 41" Retrieve Rate, Right Hand
Star Rating
Prime Status
Fishdrops Korean Technology LB200 Baitcasting Reel 18 Ball Bearings Carp Fishing Gear Left Right Hand Bait Casting...
Fishdrops Korean Technology LB200 Baitcasting Reel 18 Ball Bearings Carp Fishing Gear Left Right Hand Bait Casting...
Star Rating
Prime Status
PENN Fishing SQL30LW Squall LevelWind , Black, 370yd/30Lb
PENN Fishing SQL30LW Squall LevelWind , Black, 370yd/30Lb
Star Rating
Prime Status
Shimano Citica 200I HG Right Hand Baitcast Fishing Reel, CI200IHG
Shimano Citica 200I HG Right Hand Baitcast Fishing Reel, CI200IHG
Star Rating
Prime Status
KastKing Spartacus Baitcasting Fishing Reel,Rocket Red,Right Handed Reel
KastKing Spartacus Baitcasting Fishing Reel,Rocket Red,Right Handed Reel
Star Rating
Prime Status

Top 10 Baitcasting Reels for the Money – Analysis

[1] Daiwa TATULA – R100XSL Baitcast Fishing Reels

Tatula Daiwa baitcasting reels are designed to meet the requirements of durability and performance fishermen, Tatula provides a robust gear fully supported within  rigid aluminum housing. At the front, a single level hybrid design combines durability with normal levels of the wind by melting performance of T-Wing opening of Daiwa.

Daiwa Tatula Btcst Reel
  • Very smooth drag system with a maximum drag of 13 pounds;
  • Uses magnetic break;
  • 7.6 to 7.7 ounces weight range;
  • T-wing concept allows you to cast farther;
  • Retrieve is very smooth;
  • Has plenty of bearing, and they are resistant to corrosion;
  • Left-handed version is also available;
  • Comes in different gear ratio;
  • Can calculate 33.9 inches per turn;
  • Rotating air;
  • Carbon Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD)) 13.2 lbs Max Drag Magforce casting;
  • 7 bearings plus roller bearing;
  • Tough, Smooth and Durable at an affordable price Infinite anti-reverse;
  • Mechanism Scraps corrosion resistant connection to reduce weight;
  • New bud-shaped handle;

What a great reel! (Daiwa TATULA – R100XSL) If you are new to baitcasters, then this is the one to get. The T- wing system is really awesome. There is no dish to open (especially if you are new to baitcasters) The size of this reel makes it ideal for the palm of your hand and is quite light. This is the type r with a fast retrieve.

If you new to this, then I would like to recommend you this baitcast. This is perfect for them who has limited experience or doesn’t have any.

T-Wing System:

One of the most amazing features is the unique T- Wing Casting System. Daiwa Tatula casting reel series system is only the series that has available T-Wing Casting System. The T-Wing system is a specially designed guide line that reduces friction and obstacle on the cast, while maintaining a uniform level line winding onto the reel on the retrieve. It works by flipping up into casting position, revealing the wide slot for the line to flow through on the cast. For retrieve, line drops into the narrow, lower channel of the T-wing for even distribution across the spool width. Unlike other reels, this unique system gives these reels the extreme ability to launch their lure much further. The Daiwa Tatula Casting Reel frame and sideplates are machined from solid aluminum with optimal support that locks in the drive train, making it extremely durable.

UTD Drag:

Daiwa Tatula casting reel series have another excellent ability named Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag. That will give you maximum fish stopping power. Daiwa Tatula casting reel tested out at a maximum sustained drag pressure of seventeen (17) pounds. This is an even higher number than what we tested before.

Light Wight: 

Daiwa Tatula casting reel series are low lightweight. The manufacturer use ZAION™, the ideal material for lightweight reels. Lightweight strength and resistance to flex rival that of Magnesium and will not corrode. The baitcast reel has durable and lightweight aluminum frame (gear side).


The reel starts faster and rotates longer with MAGFORCE Z™. When starting a mold, the reel has inducing cup retracts from the magnets, so there is no magnetic effect to slow the reel. Start-up is fast. When the coil approaches the maximum speed, the inductor cup automatically moves in the space between the magnets to apply soft magnetic braking and prevent it from overlapping. As the reel begins to decrease, the inductor cup automatically retracts from the magnets, so the reel continues to rotate the recorder, without clogging the magnetic braking.


CORROSION RESISTANT BALL BEARINGS are  long lasting stainless Ball Bearing. Last up to 12 times longer than standard stainless steel ball bearings. That’s all will give you excellent durability with value.


Large 90mm sweep handle with cutouts for reduced weight • New I-shaped handle knob. Daiwa's exclusive sweeping handle moves the paddles closer to the bar counter-line. The result is less swinging of the bar and the spool in the hand as crank. That means less wasted energy - a more powerful recovery.

Selecting a casting reel does not have to be difficult to use, but it will take some time and patience. There must be a sturdy construction to carry the feed rollers and ensure smooth operation. It will control the line of your thumb, want to sit comfortably at hand is important. With the thumb and dump mechanism should be easy to reach. Slip grip on the reel, wet weather will continue fishing is always advantageous and the best fishing reel for an affordable price.


  • Robust gear fully supported within  rigid aluminum housing;
  • Ideal size;
  • The unique T- Wing Casting System;
  • Low light weight;
  • Reel starts faster and rotates longer;


  • No cons noticeable;

[2] Abu Garcia REVO Rocket Low Profile Baitcasting Reel for Saltwater

Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Low Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel
  • Rocket gear ratio offers fastest retrieve;
  • Included with 10 stainless steel bearings and also has a roller bearing. And they offer both; smoothness and durability;
  • Low-profile model but delivers excellent casting performance;
  • Lightweight but durable;
  • D2 gear design;
  • Infinity break and spool design provides accurate casting;

You have never experienced speed like this before Quick rocket is achieved with smooth performance - you've never experienced speed before. The tour is an impressive 37-inch line artist Revo fast low-profile to handle a new rocket.

If high water or roulette feeds, buzz baits or bait-dog traversal with crank baits, rocket Revo offers the best package for techniques that are required for urgent healing. Features: - 9.0 Rocket speed transmission rate - 10 stainless steel HPCR bearings + 1 bearing provides increased corrosion protection: 1 rapid super speed recovery line to provide 1 line to get fast line, - Provides resistance uniform pressure presser and uniform along the system drag carbon black track - - The design of the gearing D2 system offers increased corrosion resistance, frame plates and side alloys for improved corrosion resistance, increased elongation of the gear teeth, increased elongation of the gear-tooth carbon-braking system for increased efficiency, and increased wear resistance.

Infinity extended melting and overload capacity to handle almost any fishing situation II - 12 lbs / 145yds - Reel Capacity: 30 lbs / 145yds - Reel Capacity: 30 lbs / 145yds - Reel Cap Capacity: 30 lbs / 140yds - per m: 37 - rescue speed: super high - Weight: 6.75 oz - save the hand: left - Max Drag: 20 pounds.

First Impressions:

The first impression comes from opinion. First love is to be seen. Revo Rocket has super nice black box input. I know, all the marketing; but the thing was me for the training stage. It's felt almost like an open box steez or anything else in this unobtainable Super price range. I think the design of the packaging company finds the right market.

It offers Russian finish which is nice and dark red. The first test in the data reel works, by the general feeling of enamel. It’s super soft and seemed to flow bent smoothly. I noticed that heavy oil. That is, a lot of fat in the area and took the paper towels and erased some excesses, I also wash my hands.

Infinity Brake System:

The design is more effective when the spinning spool; Than at the beginning of his cast. The brake charm decreases as you more likely to lose your efficiency and bird's nest. Spool thumbing is a common solution. Abu has taken it's design and has included in the rocket, -named the best of both worlds and Abu design brake. Infinity looks like this brake design. Multi-adjustable fishermen, but you'll definitely want to try before you take the rocket out of the water and start fishing. This system definitely take time and with the Infinity style cast brake I think it is best for fishermen who want to set up their own system. I think you like this design so often wrestling with bird nests.

Super Light Wight:

Abu Garcia REVO Rocket is super lightweight. That will give you an outstanding fishing experience. The weight is only 6.75 oz. super light weight of the rocket will make the long fishing days easier. Fishermen with tennis or "fishing-elbow" or suffering from fatigue will really appreciate this reel. Low weight is simply outstanding and thanks to Abu X-Craftic material used for frame and side plates.

REVO Rocket Drag System:

This is more than enough! With a maximum resistance of 20 pounds, the rocket seems to have a ton of drag and the carbon matrix drag system seems to be unbeatable. We have heard that these friction claims can be exaggerated by manufacturers, so we try this for ourselves. We found that the rocket tested something over 19 pounds’ hand tight.


Revo technique Rocket special equipment is seriously looking for a re-racist or interesting reel. When a call performance, and speed and has all the features you need. Light coil structure, hook system is durable enough to withstand intense daily use. Punch, top water and a great reel to burn and highly recommended; A++ In our book!


  • Made from high quality materials make it a professional level fishing tool prepared for all kinds of situations;
  • It is both durable and stable at the same time light weight feature;
  • It is equipped with the unique design which gives you greater efficiency of the gear system you can serve for a better overall experience;


  • Its price is high for many people who  baitcasting reels costing less than $100. You have to decide for yourself whether it is worth it;

[3] KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Fishing Reel

KastKing Royale Legend/Whitemax Baitcasting Reel
  • Low profile design bait casting reel;
  • High speed 7.0:1 lines retrieve;
  • Carbon fiber drag gear provides 17.5 LBs of drag;
  • Available in two colors;
  • 11+1 protected bearings for offering better smoothness both in casting and retrieve;
  • Magnetic brake for better control;
  • Comes with aluminum forged whiffle-style spool which provide maximum strength;

If you are looking for a best baitcasting reels with your low budget? , then you just came to the right place. Here is one of the best baitcasting reels 2017 out of ten.

This Casting reel has some excellent features that you will be very happy with your budget. Low profile pitch bait design with a super-quite high-speed 7.0: 1 line recovery. Precision cutting brass gear frame and carbon fiber drag system delivering 17.5 LBs of drag offer the latest in a low-maintenance, high performance baitcasting winding package. 11 + 1 armored MaxiDur corrosion-resistant ball bearings for casting super soft, recovering and long life.

The new launcher of the real legend of bait has state of the art double brakes with a fast, easy to fine-tune reliable centrifugal and magnetic break system for superior casting control. Two-color anodized aluminum forged multi-purpose coil wiffle style offers maximum strength while reducing weight.


The baitcast is completely prepared for competition putting in gear faster. The easier braking torque is always the case make tune magnetic and reliable centrifugal brake for good control solutions.


Precision brass cut rail chassis and 17.5 lbs. Flow, low friction carbon fiber maintenance system to provide high performance feed to carry packages.


Lifetime super-smooth bearings and corrosion-resistant offer apron below maximum relief, profile at 11 + 1. Cold suspension, high speed of 7.0: 1 step to retrieve.


And the multi-style wire mesh bent in two, anodized aluminum color to reduce weight and provides maximum strength.

STOP PAYMENT EXCESSIVE FOR YOUR FISHING EQUIPMENT NOW! Royale reel baitcasting that KastKing Heptano wings. Super lightweight and beautiful reel and you can use fresh or salty water. 6.3: 1 and 11 + 1 cylinder does not exceed the price or quality of the gear ratio. Super soft various rains and any other crawl baitcaster reel. The reel "response" and casting time, reliable magnetic braking system with adjustable level control can be attributed to the whole magnetic model 10 editions! Looking for a commercial power circuit, KastKing Royale is recommended!


  • Reliable centrifugal and magnetic brake system for superior casting control;
  • Cheaper;
  • Low friction carbon fiber maintenance system;
  • High speed;


  • No cons noticeable;

[4] Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Fishing Reel 

Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Fishing Reel
  • Made of carbon fiber that makes it sturdy as well as lightweight;
  • The magnetic brake is excellent;
  • Has a boon that helps the beginners to cast more accurately;
  • 1 roller bearing and 9 high-quality bearings. All of them are corrosion resistant and make the tool very smooth;
  • X2 craftic alloy frame makes it lighter;
  • D2 design offers more efficiency;
  • Ti coated line reduces friction;

This reels  have Swedish technology with a completely different feel, Revo SX dropped more than 2 oz of the previous model which has a lightweight design to the next level and reduce weight by 25%. A more powerful D2 gear, the next generation of Duragear, provide greater efficiency and accuracy in water.

The improved Craftic X2 aluminum frame provides advanced corrosion protection while the side plate handle is constructed of C6 carbon weight reduction. A wider spool design Infinity II improves throttle performance and the legendary Carbon Matrix provides smooth and consistent braking pressure when it gets caught in the toughest fighting fish.

A twist of the knob moves the magnetic brake system closer to the coil allowing additional melt control and braking power. The MagTrax braking system provides constant braking pressure across the entire range of votes. Currently the Abu Garcia Revo Baitcasting Reel is offered in Right and Left Handed Reels

Why buy it:

It is our nature that we want always best and be fully informed before purchasing. And it’s naturally true we want twist about any product. Here are some of the most convincing reasons for which I am definitely buying the Abu Garcia Revo Baitcasting Reel.

1. Easy to Handle:

We all know that fishing is important for the perception experienced fisherman easy handle. Have you ever seen the most important consideration is catching fish pictures, you know you have done it, save it, and try to tug it was standing; And if no army can be found to fight against it; And the fish can escape. Therefore, it is important to make it easier to handle the. Abu Garcia Revo baitcasting and well, do not worry; because of very good grip; trust me, you will notice a definite difference.

2. Strong Drag:

As a fisherman, there are many things to avoid and good grip cylinder must be ready to have triggered state, then you will find the day. However, Abu Garcia and Revo allows you to capture the size of the current saved with so much success without a strong real animal, all kinds of honey baitcaster. Therefore, another advantage of the use of explicit roller, noticeably significant changes in the system can be attracted to a face-to-face is a maximum of 22 pounds. Drag and fit are super good.

3. Easy to Cast:

What's more is that it can be moved, fisherman's reel can be used to set the time, and a slight tougher, or a little more slowly, it may be time, and by the breath of the direction of change; He said that in the end most of the time you adjust the game to enjoy a relaxing day of fishing products was not defeated. Abu Garcia Revo reel baitcast to their needs, particularly in response to him has been made; You see it, and adjusting the adjustment always takes off, it is easy to book; Almost. Continuous heavy knock rod drive also delivers a pitch change; we each take a few examples of things were proven.

4. Last Long Life:

Abu Garcia fishing reels is one of the Best Baitcasting Reels. Abu Garcia baitcasting reels have super smooth gears what are like butter. Awesome feel and super high quality! It will take your fishing experience to the high level. This reel is super smooth.

Thus, among the Abu Garcia Revo Beast Baitcast Reel’s best-selling points we must mention its durability and power. Imagine how disagreeable it would be to make the catch of a lifetime, the biggest and strongest fish you've ever seen, is within reach, but before you get your hands on it, jump! Your computer fails. What is more, these types of items can be quite expensive so it is advisable to invest your money in one that will have a long life. However, it can be up with a nice pole and it will be a set up that for most guys that last for a life time.


  • Lightweight design;
  • Advanced corrosion protection;
  • Able to provide constant braking pressure across the entire range of votes;
  • Drag and fit are super good;


  • No noticeable cons;

[5] Fishdrops Ultra Smooth Dual Braking System - Casting Reel for Bass Fishing

Fishdrops Ultra Smooth Dual Braking System
  • Comes with dual brakes;
  • 17 stainless steel ball bearing;
  • 100% corrosion resistant;
  • Sturdy construction design;

Fishdrops Ultra Smooth is one of the best baitcasting reel for Bass fishing. This one has some great advantages to choose as your next fishing reel. Here, this reel has 17 stainless steel ball bearings+ roller bearing, that will improve your fishing experience. If you are new, it will give you an ultra-smooth and great performance. 

If you are expert or experienced fisherman, Fishdrops will give you and an outstanding fishing experience. Fishdrops Ultra Smooth Dual Braking System is 100% corrosion resistant and is fresh water and saltwater fishing approved.

Fishdrops Baitcasting Reel will give you the last long life gear, super sturdy construction design. All goods were tested by each machine and qualified executives for more than 3 years. This has patented trailing system with top drag material. 17 Stainless steel ball bearings +1 Roller bearing, machined aluminum reel provide strength with excess weight added. Twin braking system can control the fishing line better, especially when you are catching a big fish.

The new Fishdrops bait launcher features state-of-the-art twin brakes with a reliable and easy-to-fine centrifugal and magnetic braking system for superior performance. It’s a low profile aerodynamic design bait wheel with a large silent. Primary speed gear structure and carbon fiber friction system provide unparalleled in a low maintenance bait casting reel package Operation of the first.


  • Easy to use;
  • Lightweight;
  • Comes with dual brakes;
  • Low maintenance;


  • Casting control is not good;
  • Spool is noisy;

[6] Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Baitcast Reel

Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Reels

  • Low profile baitcast;
  • Engineered specially for inshore fishing;
  • Offers smooth operation;
  • Drag system is made of Carbon matrix;
  • Long range casting;
  • Large EVA knobs for better grip;
  • Stainless steel HPCR bearings;
  • Great alloy frame of X2 craft;

Low Profile:

The Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Reels is mainly a low profile baitcast. This reel is mainly designed for inshore fishing. This baitcast is simply pretty good. This baitcast is very suitable for both newbie and experienced persons. This is one of the best baitcastings available on the market.

Powerful Bearing:

The baitcast reel offers 6 HPCR bearings made of stainless steel. These 6 bearings and one other roller bearing ensure you a super smooth operation and long lasting durability. Besides, the modified Pitch centrifugal type braking system can utilize a break of 6 blocks in order to deliver a long range and precise casting. The bearings are high performance and corrosion resistant so you surely get an increased corrosion protection.

Carbon Matrix Drag System:

This reel offers a drag system made of carbon matrix, which means this machine can provide you consistent and smooth drag which is very useful for better fishing. This smooth drag can take the fishing experience to a whole new level. People usually find it great. It provides lightweight and efficient fishing feeling without sacrificing the performance.

Large EVA Knobs:

Well, this reel has a large and improved EVA knob, so that you will have better grip with the powerful knob. The grip is too important for great fishing. This knob has been admired by all class of users.

X2-Craftic Alloy Frame:

The X2-Crafic alloy frame and the D2 designed gear of the reel is too good to endure rugged for saltwater conditions. The X2 crafted alloy frame also increases the corrosion resistant.


  • Long range casting;
  • Large Eva knobs;
  • Stainless steel bearings;
  • Has a smooth operation;
  • Carbon matrix drag system.


  • No Noticeable cons.

[7] Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Spinning Reel Review

Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Spinning Reel

  • 6 HPCR stainless steel bearings;
  • Offers smooth operation;
  • Drag system is made of Carbon matrix;
  • Lightweight;
  • Efficient gear system;
  • Great alloy frame of X2 craft;
  • Available in different sizes;
  • Made of C6 rotor;
  • Durable and strong;

Carbon Matrix Drag System:

The Abu Garcia Revo Spinning Reel offers a drag system which is made from carbon matrix, that means this machine can provide you consistent and smooth drag which is very useful for better fishing. Fishermen usually find it awesome. It provides efficient, lightweight and enjoyable fishing feeling without sacrificing the performance. This smooth drag can take the fishing experience to a whole new level. However, the carbon matrix became as first choice among the people.

C6 Carbon Rotor:

The following reel has C6 carbon rotor which is awesome in a word. The carbon rotor is able to present you a significant weight reduction of your reel without any sacrifice of the reel durability and strength. Basically, it’s an awesome and great feature for a fishing reel as a fisherman prefers lightweight reels most. Additionally, this feature makes the fishing more enjoyable.

Powerful Bearing:

As like as other good reel from the same manufacturer, this baitcast reel also offers 6 HPCR bearings which are made of stainless steel. These 6 bearings plus another one roller bearing ensure you a super smooth fishing operation and long lasting durability. The bearings are high performance and corrosion resistant so you will get an increased corrosion protection. Additionally, the Pitch centrifugal braking system utilizes a 6 blocks break in the purpose of delivering a long range and precise casting. The alloy is also of heavy duty, which means; obviously it’s a perfect choice.

Amgearing System:

This Amgearing system is so cool. It’s a precision machined gear which is able to provide you unparalleled smoothness and better durability. Besides, the computer optimized design of the gear offers most efficient gear system. That is surely to much effective for a quality fishing experience.


  • C6 carbon rotor;
  • Efficient gear system;
  • Different size available (30, 35, 40, 60);
  • HPCR stainless steel bearings;
  • Carbon matrix drag system;


  • The grip could more efficient.

[8] PENN Squall LevelWind Baitcasting Reel

Penn Squall LevelWind

  • Saltwater level wind reel;
  • 4.9:1 gear ratio;
  • 2+1 stainless steel bearings;
  • Aluminum spool;
  • Lightweight reel;
  • Graphite frame;
  • High strength main gear;
  • Stronger steel pinion gear;
  • Easy handle length;

Lightweight & Durable:

The PENN Squall is made of Graphite and Aluminum constructed body material which has made the reel lightweight as well as durable. Also, because of the high grade build material, the reel lasts longer. The side plates offer better protection against the corrosion and the frame flex without burdening your reel rod. And with the shielded stainless steel pinion gear and bronze main gear, the reel provides a smooth operation.

Easy Handle Length:

The PENN Squall is built for versatility. The level wind trolling reel adapts to a wide spectrum of angling situation easily. The versa handle system is adjustable and allows you to adjust the handle length quickly when you need. So, you can customize the rod according to your technique and the bait use. You also can set it upon the target of the species or personal preference as well.

Fluid Cranking:

This reel has fluid cranking with stainless steel bearings. The bearings are shielded. The Squall level wind trolling reels provides an efficient smooth operation with the two stainless steel bearings. The anti-reserve bearing helps to eliminate the rotor’s backplay instantly.

Smooth Drag System:

The PENN Squall has HT-100 drag system which remains cool and supple under a heavy load. It gives you finesse and power needed to subdue of the heavy pulling species of fish. The innovative smooth drag system utilizes both side of drag washer in order to deliver you a forceful dragging.

Product Details:

The gear ratio of the reel is 4.9:1. Mono line capacity is 25/455, 30/370. Braid line capacity is 30/1020, 50/710. The line capacity marked at 1/3, 2/3 and the full capacity. This is a long lasting bastcasting fishing reel. It’s a 30 level of wind casting reel.


  • Machined Aluminum spool;
  • Fluid cranking;
  • Shielded stainless steel bearings;
  • Adjustable versa handle;
  • Lightweight and durable.


  • No noticeable cons.

[9] Shimano CI200IHG Citica Baitcasting Reel


  • Available in 7:2:1 & 6:3:1 gear ratio;
  • 30 inch line retrieves per crank;
  • Durable and tough look;
  • 1 roller & 5 S SUS bearings;
  • X-Ship for smooth performance;
  • Maximum casting distance;
  • SVS infinity braking system;
  • Easy to manage;

Easy to Manage:

The Shimano CI200IHG Citica has the combination of S3D spool. That’s why this reel is easy to manage. All type of fishermen can handle it easily. The manufacturer has mainly made the reel for easy use so that every people can find it useful.


The included X-Ship system is for smooth operation of your bait. This system’s smooth operation is very suitable for both of the freshwater and saltwater.

SVS Braking System:

The reel has SVS braking system which has made the reel easier to use. The 5 S SUS bearings and 1 roller bearing offers better grip system and braking. This infinity braking system is enough for a suitable fishing experience as well for all fishermen.

Dual Gear Ratios:

This fishing reel offers dual gear ratio system of 7:2:1 and universal 6:3:1. Where the other reels offer only one ratio, there this reel has two acceptable ratios for the gear system.


The reel anglers are looking for tough reel. That’s also durable reel from Shimano’s Citica series. This baitcasting fishing reel is also long lasting so you can make it as your longer company on the water.

Product Details:

This is mainly right retrieve based reel, but they also offers left retrieve based reel. The gear ratios are 7:2:1 and 6:3:1. Weight is 7.40 ounce. Mono line capacity is 8/180, 10/155, 14/110 (lbs/yd). Power pro line capacity is 30/190, 50/120, 65/80 (lbs/yd). Line retrieve per crank is 30 inches. Maximum drag force is 12 lbs.


  • Easy to manage;
  • Long casting distance;
  • 12 lbs maximum drag force;
  • Smooth performance;
  • Durable fishing reel.


  • Braking system should be better.

[10] KastKing Spartacus Baitcasting Fishing Reel

KastKing Spartacus Baitcasting Fishing Reel

  • Low profile baitcast;
  • Zero flex aluminum alloy;
  • Carbon fiber drag;
  • Stainless steel bearings;
  • Long range fishing reel;
  • Powerful baitcast reel;
  • Strong brass gears;
  • EVA knobs for better grip;
  • Lightweight;


The KastKing Spartacus is a low profile and powerful baitcasting fishing reel. This reel has amazing carbon fiber drag of 25 lbs/ 11.33 kg, seriously! That’s awesome. The drag system can create a fantastic drag pressure which is able to handle any kind of fishes, in a word; it can handle the saltwater monsters!

Aluminum Alloy:

The reel is made of full aluminum alloy which is a zero flex alloy. It is an aluminum spool of CNC machined aero grade so we were very satisfy about this reel. The alloy lasts longer than other common alloy frame. This also offers anti corrosion performance. The main shaft of the alloy is made of stainless steel.

Smooth Operation:

The reel has total 11 stainless steel ball bearings. They are 10+1 superior quality bearings and shielded. It contains instant stop one way anti reserve for solid hook set. For this feature, the KastKing Maximus has become the perfect reel for both saltwater and freshwater.


The reel comes with a strong brass gear ratio of 6:3:1. It uses high performance centrifugal type breaking system which prevents backlash.  It’s also accessible through quick open side plate.

Long Range:

Well, this baitcasting reel offers you a long distance fishing experience. People mainly want to use a longer range reel for effort. And that’s why this awesome reel gives you the opportunity to fishing longer areas. This reel also let you feeding the deep water species.

EVA knobs:

The reel has well known EVA knob for better grip so that you can handle any kind of fish while fishing in the saltwater. The EVA knob is suitable for any kind of situation and people. It ensures a non slip grip.

Product details:

The weight of the reel is 259.7g/ 9.2Oz with maximum 25 lbs/ 11.33 kg. The gear ratio is 6:3:1. CPT (cm per turn) is 70 & IPT (inch per turn) is 27.5. The mono line capacity is 0.285mm/210m. 0.33/160. 0.37/130 and the braid line capacity is 10LB/210YDS. 13/180. 16/130.

This is a smooth and noise free brass gears with more torque. You will like the extra stopping power. And yes, this KastKing Maximus is perfect for saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, bass fishing, ice fishing of fluke fishing.


  • Full metal Body;
  • Powerful reel;
  • Smooth operation;
  • Advanced centrifugal breaking system;
  • Long distance range;


  • No noticeable cons.

Baitcasting Reel Vs. Spinning Reel

The basic difference between a baitcaster and a spinning reel are-

  • Spinning reels are easy to operate so it can be introduced with a newbie. On the other end, baitcasters are a little bit complicated to operate and need proper practice to become an expert.
  • You don’t need to worry about backlash while using a spinner. But you have to be careful about backlash while using a baitcaster.
  • When fishing with a baitcasting reel the line comes from the starting point on the spool. But with a spinning reel, the line is spooled in 90-degree corner on its spool by a rotor.
  • A baitcaster can only be right or left handed but you can use a spinning reel in both ways by switching its handle.


What Type Break is Used in a Baitcast Reel?

This is a complicated question. Different baitcast reel has different type of breaking system. Most of the reels have magnetic breaking system. And some reels have combine breaking system which is made with both magnetic and centrifugal system. However, some reels have centrifugal breaking system.

What Kind of Rod Would Be Better for the Baitcast?

You can use baitcasting reels with any kind of fishing rod. There is no special recommendation for fishing rod. Any 6.5 to 7 feet long rod would be suitable with reels. You may choose any good fishing rod for that. You may also check our fishing rods review to find the best one.

Can I Put Reel Grip on the Reel?

Actually, the baitcasting reels have pretty good grip. This is able to serve perfectly. There is no need to put an extra reel grip on your reel. But if you want to put, you can.

Why Baitcasting Reels?

Well, baitcast is a common, familiar and favorite equipment to the fishing loving people. This baitcast reel is very useful thing to people. It is safe, easy to use and has some facilities which can make the fishing more interesting and joyful. The baitcast reel also helps you to pull easily when you get a bigger fish. Also, it gives you a longer distance of fishing than the general fishing rods. Most of the fishing loving people use baitcasting reel and find it very user friendly.

How to Maintain Baitcasting Reels

Your baitcasting reel needs a proper maintenance if you want longer service from it. By using your reel in different water like saltwater, brackish water, fresh water of dirty water for a long time, your reels can be damaged and you could get reduced performance. So you need to clean your reel properly to get back the performance. So, here are some tips to keep your reel’s performance for a longer period.

First of all, you need some cleaning equipment to clean your favorite reel. You need-

  1.  Rubbing Alcohol
  2. Clean Towel
  3. Q-Tip

After getting back to home from fishing is the perfect time to clean your reel.  Now, follow the following 2 steps mentioned below-

Step 1: Getting Started

Wet your towel with fresh and clean water and wipe out the outside area of the reel. And make sure about removing of any grime or salt that has been built over the days. When you clean out the outside surface, it’s time to clean the inside.

Now, pop up the side plate in order to remove the spool. If you have line on your reel’s spool, it’s recommended to tap around the line to prevent its hang off. When you put it back together, make sure there are no tags in between the spool and the frame.

Step 2: Cleaning Pinion Gear & Flange Area

After removing the spool, it is time to take the Q-Tip and apply a little amount of rubbing alcohol to the end of the reel. Now, apply the Q-Tip at the flange area and the inside of the reel. The flange area is the place where the flanges of spool ride. So, clean it very carefully and properly. Also, there are two more areas to clean, one is the side plate and another one is the side by the handle. Clean these area carefully too.

After cleaning the flange area, it is time to clean the next area- the pinion gear. Take the Q-Tip again and take a thin cotton. Now, apply again the rubbing alcohol in a small amount to the thin end of the Q-Tip and insert that into your reel’s pinion gear. Use the Q-Tip in back and in forth motion in order to hone out the gear. Also for removing extra oil, salt and dirt. We recommended you to clean your main shaft of the spool, as well as the flanges area on both side with a wipe towel too. Once you finished, put the spool back and side plate in the place.

Best Baitcasting for Saltwater

People generally use baitcast for saltwater. Here, we reviewed some of the best baitcastings for saltwater. These baitcastings are also suitable for lake too. No matter if you are newbie or experienced in this hobby, these will suit you perfectly. The manufacturer has designed the baitcast for easy use so that every person can use it easily and find it user friendly and suitable. So, surely, you won’t face any major problem with these best baitcastings.

We found many baitcastings available, but we only picked the bests for you so can you can be helped. Don’t worry, you can buy any of them for your use. They will surely satisfy you, believe me!

How We Select Right Type

Here we have made an ultimate buying guide for you. The guide is included with some essential consideration that will help you to find out the best bait casting reel in the market.

1. Gear Ratio

The first thing is to consider the gear ratio. You need higher gear ratio when you are catching small fish. On the other hand, you need low ratio when you are with the big fishes.

2. Spool Size

Another consideration is the spool size. Spool size may be different even in same series. You need to select the perfect size that is more suitable for you. Larger spool will allow you to utilize more line but it will increase the weight of the reel.

3. Bearings

Bearings are very important. They ensure the smoothness and also the durability of the reel. You must find a model with high-performance bearings. They must be corrosion resistant.

Final Words

If you use your baitcaster properly it’ll be the best gear on your boat for fishing. But it’ll take time to choose the best baitcaster reel for light tackle and become an expert. Because there are many things to keep in mind while buying a baitcasting reel for a beginner.

Even if you are a spinner, you can give it a try! It can be a good alternative for different types of techniques and condition.

And for choosing the right baitcaster, you can rely on this guideline. Because I always research before buying a new baitcaster for me and add those tips in this article.

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