Best 24 Volt Trolling Motor Reviews for 2018 | Top 3 Models Compared

Recreational activities such as boating and fishing are best and more fun to do if you have the perfect trolling motor to use. However, what perfectly complements your trolling motor is a battery capacity that allows you to do your water activities is a fun, longer-lasting and a more powerful way. Thus, that’s when the best 24 volt trolling motor comes in handy.

Using a 24 volt trolling motor battery for your boat offers you a longer-lasting and a more powerful action while on water compared to using a 12V trolling motor. Thus, if you are thinking of purchasing a 24V trolling motor for your boat, this article will help you decide on what to choose through these 24 volt trolling motors reviews.






Editor's Choice

Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 70

Shipping Weight: 43.4 pounds

68 x 18 x 10 inches

Motorguide SW109

Shipping Weight: 61.2 pounds

73 x 20 x 8 inches

Minn-Kota Pontoon Powerdrive 

Shipping Weight: 70 pounds

62.5 x 17 x 10.2 inches

Top 3 Best 24 Volt Trolling Motor Reviews:

1. Minn Kota 70 Power - Drive V2 Bow Mount 24V Trolling Motor

This Minn Kota Power Drive Bow Mount 24V Trolling Motor has cutting-edge features to offer you the best experience and performance in your every boating and fishing activity. It has a deploy-assist lever as well as an ergonomic and water-resistant foot pedal to offer you comfort, ease and full functionality while using it. 

Editor's Choice

This trolling motor also has an autopilot navigation system that offers you an easy manoeuvre on what direction you want the boat to head to.

In addition, this Minn Kota Power Drive Bow Mount 24V Trolling Motor has a heavy-duty shaft and is made to last long in water, making it truly a great bang for the buck.

What we liked

  • Very Strong Composite Shaft;
  • Easy To Use Foot Pedal And Auto Pilot Navigation System;
  • Waterproof Foot Pedal And Hands-Free Controlling System;
  • Dual Beam Technology Compatibility For Better Bottom Detail And Extended View;
  • It Runs More Time On Single Charge And Doesn't Make Noise;

What we didn't like

  • No noticeable cons;

2. Motorguide Great White Digital Saltwater Hand - Control Bow Mount Trolling Motor

This Motorguide Great White Digital Saltwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor features the best benefits you only get to experience in the best trolling motor.

It can be used both in saltwater and freshwater, making it versatile and highly functional. This trolling motor has around 82 pounds of thrust, making it perfectly ideal for small to medium-sized boats. It offers a fast but silent performance during water action, and it has the ability to be used for longer periods.

Furthermore, this Motorguide Great White Digital Saltwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor can be adjusted to push and pull, or to go forward or reverse, offering you easy manoeuvre and convenience.

What we liked

  • High Durability And Dependable Performance;
  • Lightweight Lower Unit And Stainless Steel Shaft;
  • It Has A Gated Door To Remove The Motor Easily;
  • It Is Corrosion Protective, Quiet, And Faster;

What we didn't like

  • Plastic Clam Shell Cover Is Not Placed Properly;

3. Minn-Kota Pontoon Powerdrive Trolling Motor

This Minn-Kota Pontoon Powerdrive Trolling Motor is one of the best trolling motors offering a powerful but quiet performance during water action.

It features an aluminium quick-release lever, making it perfectly great for fishing and allowing you to remove the motor fast and easy. This trolling motor 54 lb/48", making it great to use for small to medium-sized boats.

It has a cutting-edge deploy-assist lever and a long-lasting battery life, offering you the best experience in your every water activity. In addition, if you use this Minn-Kota Pontoon Powerdrive Trolling Motor, rest assured it will not be caught up in any weeds because of its advanced weed-less wedge propeller.

What we liked

  • Weedless Wedge Propellor And Super Strong Composite Shaft;
  • Digital Maximizer Technology To Enhance Battery Performance;
  • Powerful And Quiet Motor For Better Performance;

What we didn't like

  • Lack Of Detailed Instruction;

24 Volt Trolling Motor Battery

Why Do People Want a 24V Trolling Motor Battery?

Trolling motors come in 3 different battery capacities: 12V, 24V and 36V. However, most people prefer a trolling motor with a 24V battery capacity because it gives power enough for them to enjoy their boating and fishing activities for a longer time period. Usually, bigger boats utilize trolling motors with a 24V battery capacity. However, if you have a smaller boat and you want your trolling motor to have a longer-lasting power while you are on water, then you should choose one with a 24V battery capacity.

Furthermore, what makes people choose a trolling motor with a 24V battery capacity is it kind of offers the best of both worlds; it provides a fun and powerful performance without being weak or overpowering. Even if it’s quite expensive and heavier than a trolling motor with a 12V battery capacity, its greater benefits totally outweigh its price and heavy weight, making it a great bang for the buck.

How to Make 24 Volts with 2 Batteries

Making a 24V battery out of 2 12V batteries is not as hard as it seems to be. These are the steps you should follow to successfully transform 2 12V batteries into a powerful 24V battery.

First, you must connect the 12V battery’s positive terminal to a trolling motor’s positive terminal by using a quality cable. Then, connect the 12V battery’s negative terminal to a trolling motor’s negative terminal by using another quality cable. Afterwards, disconnect the cable from the switch’s negative terminal and connect it to the second 12V battery’s negative terminal. Then, connect the battery cable from the second 12V battery’s negative terminal to the switch’s negative terminal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Can I adjust the shaft for various depths?

Yes, you can.

Are they compatible with co pilot?

Yes, they work well with co pilot.

Does it come with including battery?

No, it doesn’t come with any battery. You need to buy trolling motor separately.

How to Maintain Trolling Motor: (Trolling Motor Maintenance Tips)

Everything serves better if you give proper maintenance to it. Trolling motor is also not different from them. You can make longer the motor life and keep the performance for a long period if you take care of your trolling motor. Actually, trolling motor doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. You can take some simple steps to keep it workable. Here are some tips about trolling motor maintenance-

Exterior Cleaning:

Keep your motor free from dust or weeds. A clean motor runs smoothly. If you notice dust, clean it with water and mild soap. You may also apply Armourall type product to the shaft of the motor. it helps to run the motor smoothly.

Prop Inspection:

Examine the edges of the propellers and ensure that they are not damaged. They are durable but not indestructible also. Your propellers can be damaged because of hard surfaces. Be careful about it.

After then, inspect the propellers for fishing line or weeds. If you notice any, remove the fishing line tangled and weeds on the motor’s shaft and drive pin in order to prevent the damage of the internal components of the motor.

Electrical Components Cleaning:

This is the best idea to inspect the electrical components, wiring and battery of the trolling motor. Replace the unraveling electrical tape as well as worn or frayed wiring. Before each use, check the wiring system and ensure they are secured. Always try to keep your battery fully charged. Charge your battery after each use.

The bottom line

Using the best marine battery or best trolling motor battery for your boat is better and more ideal especially when it has a 24V capacity that offers you a powerful and longer-lasting boating and fishing time. Thus, purchase the best 24 volt trolling motor for your boat now, and experience its benefits for yourself!

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