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Top 12 Deep Cycle RV Battery (Review 2019) | How to Choose

A deep cycle battery can supply power to run lights, fish finder, radios and other essential electrical elements even without 110 volt power supply. So it became most important source of power supply at any outdoor activity.  But when I had to buy a battery for a day long camping, the first question rise on my […]

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Optima 8027-127 D27M Starting Battery | Review for 2019

Are you looking for the battery of your electric motor? The Optima 8027-127 D27M are the best for this applications. You will be assured of the longest service and quick recharge times.If you have an RV, and you need lots of power to cater for your onboard electrical equipment and RV’s starting motor, the Optima […]

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Odyssey 34m-pc1500st Dual Purpose Battery [2019] | Expert Reviews

Odyssey 34M-PC1500ST  is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ener Sys; which is considered a global leader when it comes to energy solutions for automotive, military, and other applications.The Odyssey marine battery line has about 15% more plate surface area which allows more power and reserve capacity by avoiding the dead space between cylinders. This marine […]

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Exide XMC-31 MEGACYCLE AGM-200 Review | Guide for 2019

The Exide Technologies Company had been around for about 120 years in the battery business, making them an expert and a forerunner when it comes to the advancements and innovation of trolling motor batteries. They provide services and systems that will help enhance vehicle performance and fleet utilization, to help reduce risks of temporary interruptions […]

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Vmaxtanks MR107 12V 85AH AGM SLA Battery Reviews [2019]

There is a difference between a marine battery and a car battery. Thus, before getting into specifics, it is best to know how to differentiate one from the other. Get to know first the basics of these batteries for a better understanding, like the construction of its lead acid batteries and so on.The lead acid […]

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