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Are you worried about buying fishing rods? Do not select what type of fishing rods you should buy ? It's the main beginner challenge to pick or looking the best fishing rods.IF you are looking or searching the best fishing rods just scroll down our page Or if you already know the which product do you want to order, Just comparison with our product hope that helps you to find our the best product.

Comparison Table Of Best Fishing Rods:


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St. Croix Mojo Inshore

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Daiwa D-Shock

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Shimano Solora

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Piscifun Graphite

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Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2

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Are your love to go to fishing, or you want to become the success in the fishery then you are right place; I am here to help you how to find the best fishing rods according to standard price, best in quality. Our goal is to provide you the best product of the market according to your preference, so before purchase, any product do don’t forget to analyze by some fundamental question ? we all know these question, and this silly question help you to get the best product what is that’s Question? That’s question is ?

  • Question to quality;
  • Question to comfort ability;
  • Question to service or benefit;
  • Question to warranty or guaranty;
  • Question to technical support;

Do you ever think about that’s question? May be NO, we don’t reflect on that’s question, but subconsciously we are trying to get these questions answer. If we get these question than we are able to purchase the product.

The main purpose of these writing is to remind you before buying any product.

Just check out our product and find these question answer if you get your answer you can buy undoubtedly. My personal opinion is that If any one buys by ensuring that’s question or product quality he never lost her money or time.

We are trying in to mention you the overview of the best fishing rods which also help you to select the best fishing rods according to your preference or above question.

Best Fishing Rods:

According to above question choosing the best fishing rods is quite tough. Because of you have to consider before selection about the quality, how strong, which material is using to made , to consider the purpose of using the rods, you have to consider the fishing place(ocean or lakes, pond or river ). Consider about the fishing reel, consider about Type of fish, consider about the fishing position I mean which place do you want to fish boat off the bank or other. Before choosing quality rods these point is more important for your better fishing and its help to secure from a sudden incident and comfortable of your fishing. One more important things are the advantage disadvantage of fishing rods.

Its help you why the best fishing rods is essential. Below you find the advantage disadvantage of fishing rods.

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Best Fishing Rod:

TO analyze the product advantage and disadvantage it’s the best technique for getting the best product, its help us to choose which one is best for me. According to rod advantage and disadvantage, it is more important. There has a lot of verities according to price. We know good, and quality product carries a good price, on the other hand, medium product give less price and quality. So higher price of rods has higher quality than the lower priced product. (sometimes Medium price product carry good quality, its depend on your selection ) . That’s why My first choice is the higher quality product which is secure for me. If you have not enough money you can choose the medium categories product but be conscious to choose.

The Advantage Of The Quality Product:

  • Strong and secure;
  • Help to catch more fish easily;
  • Reduce excessive head headaches about backlashes and rod breaking;
  • To help from sudden incident;
  • Naver miss a big fish reason of low rods;

Disadvantage Rods:

  • Get chance to fall into a sudden incident;
  • You feel worry about backlashes and breaking;
  • It's risk for your life;
  • It will be the reason for losing the big fish;
  • It will be the main barrier to catching more Fish;

Technique of Selecting Best Fishing Rods Before Buying :

These Fore topic help you technically to select best fishing rods. So don’t’ forget before buying a Rods.

  • What type of fish you want to catch;
  • What is the best rods pars which suit your needs;
  • What kind of fishing you want to participate;
  • And Your budget;

Top 5 Best Fishing Rods Reviews:

[1] St. Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Rods:

St. Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Rods is one of the perfect rods for any type of fishing. This is the another most sensitive rods which are very light and well-made fishing rods and also non-Bargain bin rod but less stiff what I expected (usually stiff and inshore ) what I found. Don’t worry about it, it’s was mine expected not all of the buyers. More important subject is that there has a little variety, as fast including 4 major styles of product. One is Medium fast(MF), Medium-to-heavy Fast(MHF) and medium to light fast(MLF) and heavy fast(HF).There have also size wise verities as 7-foot, 7-foot-6, inc etc. It is made by Batson Forecast® hard aluminum-oxide guides with 316 stainless-steel frames With corrosion resistance compared to 304 stainless-steel frames, scll premium scll graphic. At last, I say that it's simply simple and pleasurable.

Pros & Cons


  • Very sensitive,light and well-made fishing rod;
  • ​Color of reel is much more beautiful;
  • Perfect for fishing the flats;
  • ​Has 4 major styles of product;
  • ​Made by Batson Forecast;


  • No cons available;

[2] Daiwa D-Shock 170 Yards 8 Line 6 1/2-Feet Fibreglass Spin Combo:

Daiwa D-shock rods is the most buying rods in the market, It’s high quality rods at a standard price . You can choose that because of its durable and strength and also sleek. In this solid graphite rod with spinning reel works medium but actionable. It’s the perfect for the beginner what many believes. It's not only preferred for the beginner but also the first choice for the fishers. If you go for the purchase, find many reviews and see 2 prices verities list of product due to its quality according to its low price, what’s increase your acceptation. As a hobby sometimes I also catch fish, and I find this is the excellent one thought I have another fishing roads. As my experience, I also recommended you for buying this road.

Pros & Cons


  • Graphite body composite;
  • ​Great backup combo;
  • ​Well functioning combo;
  • ​Easy feel,smooth casting and a sufficiently strong rod;


  • Extremely short but nice;

[3]  Shimano Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod:

This 6 feet, 6-inch rod looks awesome one, and it's more comfortable to catch fish and also comfortable because of its weight, it’s only 6 pounds. It is made by Reinforced aluminum oxides guides. This demandable road mostly used during cold seasons for catching muskies Fish. This is also used mostly to catch crankbaits with their slow action. It has 2 pieces verities. It is a rare one because of her grip handles which made of cork .according to above description if you can buy it will be best your best selection.

Pros & Cons


  • Medium heavy power but fisrs action spinning rods;
  • ​Physically heavier rod;
  • ​Easy transportable;
  • ​More sessative rods;
  • ​Soft plastics or bait;
  • ​Good touch to the pole cock on the handle and round the reel;
  • Real quick and safe;


  • Perfect ocean or bay, shoreline fisherman;
  • ​This thing is a piece of junk;
  • Female side it is snapped and splintered;

[4] Piscifun Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod 4 Pieces Travel Pole:

Piscifun Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod is the recent most selling rod. This rod is made by using new armor core technology which makes it's more powerful and lightweight. This rod is more light and works great. It's also sensitive so won’t miss a nibble and break down into travel of 4 pieces. It has some variations according to price and weight and quality. Waight starts from 4-10LBS-10LBS TO 15-30LBS.

It is made with solid fiberglass,high-vis white tip, high-density EVA handle, and later. For slick aluminum oxide guides its more demandable.

Pros & Cons


  • Extremele powerful and lighweight rods;
  • ​Great for hiking, travelling, storing in a small vehicle under the seat etc;
  • ​Portable fishing rods;
  • ​Solid Eyelets;
  • ​Easy to set hook;
  • Perfect for travel;


  • Some people claim broken problem in First use;

[5] Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod:

Hay guys, Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 is a awesome one. It is a best one among 4 product according to price. You will be surprise that’s it is a most demandable product for its eye catching style. It is easy to cast and lightweight. According to review and My personal experience we find that is high quality and strong enough for its, stainless steel guide and aluminum spool, graphite and fiberglass madding structure. You can find its 6’6 inch casting rod with medium heavy power, 2 piece rod construction and 10-25 lb./test; EVA handle. 1/4-3/4 oz Lure weight. I haven’t find any problem so You can order easily. And its best for saltwater.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable fishing rods;
  • ​Fiberglass and graphite combination;
  • ​Rod construction is one piece;
  • ​Backbone is strong and very flexible;
  • Sensitive Rods;
  • ​Little hook eyelet feature near the reel area are awsome;
  • Nice pole and medum action;


  • Eyes have a tendency to come loose from the guides;
  • Though the handle was super long but pole is perfect stiffness;

The Tips of Picking The Best Fishing Rods:

Its depends on angler to angler . Best fishing depends on whose style of design added more complementary. Its also depend on its power, strength, bending curve, line weight and lure waight. You know the fishing mostly depend on how skill he or she in fishing and technique. At last my tips about picking the best fishing rods how comfortable to use the high quality line guide and rod handle. How expeditiously it helps to catch fish. Undoubtedly you can find all these quality in our List of the product .


End of the review we can say that , we are just trying to show the advantage and disadvantage of the product and comparison. Different customer have their different choose according to their criteria. Above all description hope you will find your best product according to your criteria. All these top 5 fishing rods are high quality product and best for fishing according to fishing caiteria. We don’t find any Problem There. So you can buy any product without hesitation. Hope you can find your best product .Best of luck for your fishing .

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